Endangered Animal Research Project

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Endangered Animal Research Project by Mind Map: Endangered Animal Research Project

1. Pick Endangered animal from list

1.1. Why did you pick this animal?

1.2. Why are they endangered?

1.2.1. Pollution?

1.2.2. Deforestation?

1.2.3. Hunting?

1.3. What can be done to help them?

2. Find third grade partner to assist

2.1. Is the K student giving ideas?

2.2. Is the team (two students) working together?

3. Kindergartener

3.1. Role

3.1.1. Give Ideas

3.1.2. Choose Animal

3.1.3. Explain why you picked them

4. Third Grader

4.1. Role

4.1.1. Leader

4.1.2. Help with any reading

4.1.3. Help with technology support

4.1.4. Help explain why they picked this animal aswell

4.2. Skills Needed

4.2.1. Technology Knowledge

4.2.2. Leadership Skills

4.2.3. Ability to Read higher level texts

5. Teachers

5.1. Role

5.1.1. K Teacher Work together Strategically help partnerships Help as needed Explain the level of need of each student

5.1.2. 3rd Grade Teacher Work together Examine students to see which would need the most assistance Help as needed Work with K teacher to help each group