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1. Populist party

1.1. -

1.2. fights to close the gap between the wealthy and poor and champion the needy and disenfranchised.

2. Hay Market Riot

2.1. Labor protesters rally near Chicago’s Haymarket Square turned into a riot after someone threw a bomb at police.

2.2. eight people died as a result of the violence that day. 8 radical labor activists were convicted in connection with the bombing.

3. Homestead Act

3.1. accelerated settlement of U.S. western territory by allowing any American, including freed slaves, to put in a claim for up to 160 free acres of federal land.

3.2. Native Americans were forced from their lands and onto reservations to make way for homesteaders.

3.3. homesteaders paid a filing fee of $18—$10 to make a temporary claim on the land, $2 for commission to the land agent and an additional $6 final payment to receive an official patent on the land.

4. millions of immigrants&farmers poured out into cities such as New York,Boston,St. Louis looking for work and urbanization

5. inventions

5.1. telegraphs were important inventions and made it easier for people to communicate

5.2. Telephones made faster communication than the telegraph

6. Labor unions

6.1. generally supported any candidate who would fight for shorter workdays, higher wages, and better working conditions.

6.2. Poor people supported

6.2.1. Many men and women joined to the man better wages and safe working conditions

7. the progressive era

7.1. Period of widespread social activism and political reform. The main objective of the progressive movement was eliminating corruption in government

8. The Chinese Exclusion Actl

8.1. First significant law restricting immigration To the United States

9. Northern Europe

9.1. -

9.2. Most had some experience with representative democracy. With the exception of the Irish, most were PROTESTANT. Many were literate, and some possessed a fair degree of wealth.

10. Muckrakers

10.1. problems of the time, including poor industrial working conditions,poor urban living conditions and unscrupulous business practices

11. Hull House opens

11.1. one of the first social settlement in Chicago in 1889 when Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr rented an Abandoned residence at 800 south Halsted st. that had been built by Charles G. Hull in 1856

11.2. New Topic

12. Meat Inspection Act

12.1. prohibited the sale adulterated or misbranded livestock and derived products as food and ensured that livestock were slaughtered and processed under sanitary conditions

13. The Social Gospel movement

13.1. applied to christian ethics to social problems such as excessive wealth,poverty, alcoholism,crime,racial problems, they believe that Christ would return to earth after humankind had worked through its sins

14. Federal Commission trade's

14.1. The principle mission is the promotion of consumer protection and the elimination and prevention of controlling business practices such as coercive monopoly

15. Robber barons

15.1. Railroad tycoons were just one of many types of so-called robber barons that emerged in the Gilded Age.

15.2. Andrew Carnegie created a steel empire, his furnace machines produce more than 60 tons of steel.

15.3. Rock Fellers he established Standard Oil, which by the early 1880s controlled some 90 percent of U.S. refineries and pipelines.

15.4. Vanderbilt initially made his money in the steamships business before investing in railroads. building steamships and operating ferry lines around the New York region

16. Railroads

16.1. Railroads helped farmers by shipping crops to new markets but hurt farmers by charging high shipping rates

16.2. Transport steel,oils place to place and led transportation easy for people

17. Industrialization

17.1. J.P Morgan

17.1.1. powerful man incorporated with the industry of railroads

18. immigration

19. Urbanization

19.1. The nation biggest draw was New York, where the population had nearly double in a single generation

20. Gilded age

20.1. Many possibilities and hope for Americans, the richest families in the U.S less than 1% scooped up the most of the treasure, and the rich gain everything