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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. Types of Assessments

1.1. Formative

1.1.1. The process of gathering student data and evidence of the student's learning AS learning as occurring in order to guide instruction going forward.

1.1.2. quiz, exit ticket, informal observations, discussions

1.2. Benchmark/Interim

1.2.1. Assessments given at pre-determined points in time that are also used to guide instruction and measure student success. These happen less frequently than a formative assessment, but usually a bit quicker than a summative assessment. HOWEVER this type of assessment does not measure content learned, but more student strengths and weaknesses in the given area.

1.2.2. 6 weeks exams (district), CFAs, 3 weeks benchmarks

1.3. Summative

1.3.1. Usually ending a larger chunk of learning, this assessment type measures what the students have learned over a longer period of time.

1.3.2. standardized tests, final exams, mid-term exams, end of unit tests, cumulative projects, research projects

1.4. Performance

1.4.1. Measures the student's growth and success throughout an extended period of time. Often meant to reflect the whole time's work.

1.4.2. interactive journals, writing journals, portfolios

1.5. Diagnostician

1.5.1. This type of assessment informs teachers of student achievement gaps and other academic abilities.

1.5.2. pre-assessment/pre-tests, pre-course tests

2. H.O.T. Questions

2.1. Opening Questions

2.1.1. How are friction and motion different?

2.1.2. Does friction speed up or slow down the speed of an object in motion?

2.2. Guiding Questions

2.2.1. What evidence can we take away from our investigations that prove that the height dropped from on the ramp, and the force at the bottom of the ramp are related?

2.2.2. What kind of forces did we observe in our lab, and do we think that there are more types of forces that we have not seen yet? If yes, like what?

2.3. Closing Questions

2.3.1. Design an experiment involving a toy car, water, a freezer and a box that tests for the force of friction.

2.3.2. Example how the concepts of force and speed relate?