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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. Formative

1.1. Definition: an assessment that can be given at any point throughout the lesson to provide feedback to the instructor so that they may adjust instruction when necessary. These assessments are low stake.

2. Summative

2.1. Definition: an assessment that is used to measure student learning and is typically high stakes. This type of assessment is given at the end of a unit.

3. Interim/Benchmark

3.1. Summative assessments that are given typically at the end of a quarter or six weeks to access what the student has learned and what they need help with.

4. Performance

4.1. This type of assessment require the student to do a task or perform is some way. This is not the standard test where one would answer questions

5. Diagnostic

5.1. A diagnostic test is similar to a pre test in that it determine what the child knows prior to the lesson being taught and shows clear misconceptions

6. Opening

6.1. When something is being divided what is happening that that number?

7. Guiding

7.1. How is division different from multiplication? How are they related?

8. Closing

8.1. In what case would you need to use the operation of division?