Anthem - Essay Topic #2

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Anthem - Essay Topic #2 by Mind Map: Anthem - Essay Topic #2

1. Why does he think that the secrets of this earth are not for all men to see?

1.1. People cannot handle what is real/the truth

1.2. People take advantage

1.3. We are not meant to know everything, there are some things that should be.

2. why does he decide to show his glass box to the World Council of Scholars?

2.1. To be accepted into the house of scholars

2.2. To prove everyone wrong and show that he is more than a sweeper

2.3. Show off his invention

3. How do these issues relate to the theme of the novel?

3.1. Prometheus/Greek Mythology

3.1.1. rebelled against powerful people to do what he felt was right

3.1.2. Secretly went against the council to ultimately have an advantage (electricity) for the community

3.1.3. Punished for his beliefs

3.2. Symbols

3.3. Power

3.3.1. Council has brainwashed the community

3.3.2. Prometheus found his own path and is living his own way

3.3.3. The council places prometheus as a sweeper because they know he is different from the others

3.3.4. The council punished Prometheus for going against the rules