City of Ottawa is great to live in

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City of Ottawa is great to live in by Mind Map: City of Ottawa is great to live in

1. Safe snd quite

1.1. low rate of crime

1.2. good to rais a family and children

2. Summer’s weather and activity

2.1. warm and sunny

2.2. summer festival and events

2.3. canada day and sond and light show

2.4. calypso waterpark

3. Outdoor activities in wint

3.1. the canal

3.2. walking trials

3.3. skiing and snowboarding

3.4. hocky rinks

3.5. building snowman

4. full of signs of history

4.1. old town

4.2. temples

4.3. theater

4.4. museum

5. Education

5.1. high quality english and french

5.2. well known outstanding university and college

5.3. catholic and private school system

5.4. ontario government pays for public, elementary and secondary school education