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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. dice

2. Closing

2.1. Could you draw a picture of drawing 5 apples?

2.2. Draw a picture of 6 apples and count them aloud to me.

3. Guiding

3.1. If I were to roll a die and I got the number 4. Can you show me with blocks how many 4 is?

3.2. If you were to roll a die on the number 6 could you count out loud each pip to me?

4. Opening:

4.1. What is the biggest number of pips on a die?

4.2. What is the smallest number of pips on a die?

5. Presenting Prezi: Students are demonstrating their understanding by presenting a presentation like using Prezi where they demonstrate their understanding on a topic.

6. Creating a Story: A story can be created on popplet where students either are retelling a story or creating their own play to assess their understanding of a genre like drama.

7. Definition: Is a way of assessing where students are performing rather than taking a test. Students are asked to demonstrate knowledge comprehension.

8. Formative

8.1. Definition: A way of assessing students to know where they are at to be able to give feedback and modify instruction. It is a low stakes assessment.

8.1.1. Pre-Assessments: Students take an assessment before a unit in order for the teacher to understand where her class is at in the subject.

8.1.2. Pop Quiz: Teacher gives this in order to see how many of her students have a good understanding of the subject or if reteaching is necessary.

9. Interim/Benchmark

9.1. Definition: Benchmarks are used to check where students are in the subject and if they are track where they need to be.

9.1.1. Content Focus Assessment: Are created by the teacher and given every six weeks to assess student achievement.

9.1.2. STAAR: Given at the end of the year to assess where students achievement level at the end of the school year.

10. Summative

10.1. Definition: Used to evaluate students at the end of a unit usually and have a greater grade value.

10.1.1. Exams: Given towards the end of the unit to evaluate how much the student overall comprehension of the unit.

10.1.2. Book Report: Overall recollection of a book that has been analyzed throughout sometime and students are composing a book report of what was the book about.

11. Performance

12. Diagnostic

12.1. Definition: This type of assessment is used before the unit/chapter is introduced to identify where the students are at in the subject and to modify instruction to meet student needs.

12.1.1. Pre-Assessments: Used to assess what understanding students have about the subject.

12.1.2. Running Records: Assessing student reading levels based on a various ways of assessing.

13. H.O.T Questions