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Lead Generation by Mind Map: Lead Generation

1. Hire a Lead Generation company

2. Finding the right Lead Generation and Marketing tools

3. Social Media

3.1. Become a thought leader in Twitter

3.2. Build a following on Instagram and Pinterest

3.3. Generate positive online reviews

3.4. Run a contest or discount

4. Paid Advertising

4.1. Facebook ads

4.2. LinkedIn ads

4.3. Google Adwords

4.4. Media buys

4.5. Social Media Influencers

5. Offline Strategies

5.1. Attend a trade show / Buy a booth

5.2. Create printed marketing material

5.3. Sponsor a charity event

6. Website Optimization

6.1. Run an A/B Test

6.2. Fix broken pages

6.3. Get more conversations from mobile

6.4. Target competitor's keywords

6.5. Record website visitors

7. Content Marketing

7.1. Guest Blog

7.2. Create lead magnets

7.3. Add lead forms

7.4. Build an app

7.5. Hold a Webinar

7.6. Make videos for Youtube, Vimeo etc.

7.7. Use comment marketing

8. Email Marketing

8.1. Send cold emails

8.2. Create a ‘FAQ’ message

8.3. Find the right person to email