Authorisation Function

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Authorisation Function by Mind Map: Authorisation Function

1. Document & Records Mgmt

1.1. Finalise retention period of all document handled by AU

1.1.1. Mark Tanti

1.1.2. DONE

1.2. feedback on proposed solutions / folder structure


2.1. deep dive

2.1.1. DONE

2.2. clarifications / support on questions

2.3. review of compiled use cases

2.4. involved during vendor discussions

2.5. UAT

2.5.1. test case design

2.5.2. test case execution

2.6. Training

3. Onboarding Due-Dilligence

3.1. Enhance the on-boarding due diligence - depend on workflow

3.1.1. This is separate from the risk scoring

3.1.2. Identification of tools to enhance due diligence (intelligence gathering)

3.1.3. design of specific workflows to enhance process

3.2. Build a scientific risk scoring for individuals

3.2.1. will this be in finhub?

3.2.2. are the parameters defined?

3.2.3. To build this in excel first before deciding how to implement this

3.3. Build a scientific risk scoring for companies

3.3.1. work with PWC, IA and Risk

4. PQ

4.1. Split PQ - awaiting direction on way forward

4.1.1. Individual Pre-Approval stage (Properness element)

4.1.2. Public Register

4.1.3. Team constraints? capacity of the team resource skills

4.2. Fitness Assessment (review if individual already approved is fit to work for LH)

5. Change Requests

5.1. Finhub

5.1.1. Third-Party Corporate Entities acting as involvements.

5.1.2. Add the country Code when using the Passport No

5.1.3. Link between Corporate Profile & PQ

5.1.4. Reporting

5.1.5. Corporate Profile Addtions/Changes

5.1.6. TII online application Claudio Xerri

5.1.7. Insurance Undertaking Register Claudio Xerri

5.2. Other items

5.2.1. ECB Access To Euclid-CIR - no impact - awaiting from some minor clarrification through Margo

6. Other touch points

6.1. Data Cleansing

6.1.1. missing involvements on Finhub

6.1.2. Elimination of Duplicates on FinHub

6.1.3. Separate Passporting-In from Passporting Out

6.1.4. Unique LH Identifier (Composite ID)

6.1.5. Unique Authorised Individual Identifier

6.2. IA Recommendations

6.2.1. Highly Qualified Person (HQP) flow improvements Paula & Karren With Louana is this to be done in SCMS?

6.3. Workshop to improve AU processes

6.3.1. Sharon, Reuben & Alexandra

7. #2 Work Flow Mangement

7.1. Finalise the work-flow

7.2. Tool to track WIP

7.2.1. Which tool

7.2.2. screen layouts

7.2.3. are attachments needed?

7.3. Reporting requiremetns

7.3.1. which fields do we need

7.3.2. can we migrate the current excel?

7.4. Time Tracking

8. #1 SSM

8.1. SSM External Portal - PQ

8.1.1. Impact on SI BOV HSBC MeDirect NBG

8.1.2. Touch points with other functions BSU Legal IT

8.1.3. ECB communication

8.1.4. Changes to website to login onto the ECB

8.2. SSM Delegated Procedures

8.2.1. Workshop on Delegated Fit and Proper Assessment

9. Ongoing Due-Dilligence

9.1. depending on the onboarding

10. CSP consultation Paper

10.1. what is the impact on the AU team?

11. New Registers

11.1. Conduct project for Equity Release Product

11.1.1. this is a new product so currently there are no licensed entities to offer this product.

11.1.2. Credit / Financial Institutions can submit an application to AU with the necessary PQs

11.1.3. external register on the MFSA website

11.2. Conduct Project in relation to registered "investment Advisors" and "Fund Managers"

11.2.1. we need an internal register of all approved individuals

11.2.2. external register on the MFSA website