ScootGo Brand Values

ScootGo Brand Values

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ScootGo Brand Values by Mind Map: ScootGo Brand Values

1. Autonomy

1.1. Enables people with reduced mobility to travel safely with ease

1.2. Encourages broadening horizons

1.3. Modern design for modern living

2. Quality-Assured

2.1. Dependable & Reliable

2.2. Secure way to transport luggage

2.3. High-quality & safe

3. Efficient design

3.1. Compact & Fold-able

3.2. Portable, efficient, not clunky

3.3. Keeps hands-free while transporting luggage

4. Comfort

4.1. Ease & less stress when traveling

4.2. Soothing neutral colours

4.3. Relaxation as well as function