What are the main reason that a utopian society is infeasible in reality?

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What are the main reason that a utopian society is infeasible in reality? by Mind Map: What are the main reason that a utopian society is infeasible in reality?

1. How do personal beliefs play a role in creating one's utopia

1.1. People act on belief to create a utopian society

1.1.1. actions is justified only because people have different believes , even to the extent of removing other people for getting in the way . (Shermer 149)

1.2. Personal beliefs show peoples true side, and their desires.

1.2.1. " Beliefs and ideology often distorts the hope and desire for utopia" (Sargent 140) Nazism/ Fascism (Shermer 149)

2. Why Study Utopia and why it is essential

2.1. To know more about ourselves (AWP 117)

2.2. To provide us with motivation to strive for a better world

2.2.1. eg: Women's movement, Pope Paul III (Sargent 140)

2.2.2. A motivation of a better future instead of chasing technological advancements only (Marche 153)

3. What happens to the people who disagree with utopia? Will the society include them or will they get left out.

3.1. People who don't agree get push around or asked to leave

3.2. There is no democracy as people cannot express individual ideas and are instead forced to agree with the majority or face consequences

3.3. Those that disagreed were: exiled, killed, sent to camps, or the ideals were forced onto them.

3.4. The people are excluded, and war is declared against them if they fail to adjust to the society.

4. How can the suffering of others be justified?

4.1. A few suffer in order to serve the greater good.

4.1.1. The child in Omelas locked in cellar people believe that he can't get used to their utopia as hie's been locked away for a very long time. abandonment

4.1.2. Trolley problem

4.2. Ignorance to others' suffering (Jemisin 136)

5. How can imperfect humans desiring a perfect world be justified?

5.1. AWP1 - An imperfect species cannot build a perfect society. There is a conflict.

5.2. Shermer - mistakes are made when humans are perceived to be perfect as they are, in reality, not and thus cannot live in a perfect society.

5.3. Imagining a better world to try and improve society towards that new world.

6. Is utopia really only about absolute perfection?

6.1. Utopia induces changes and improvements in society

6.1.1. Protopia - strive for change and improvements (Shermer 151)

6.1.2. ‘changes is possible, even expected’(Shermer 151)

6.1.3. Intentional communities that surpresses individualism deters changes as ideas are not expressed. (Counter-Example) (Morrison 157)