Idea spinner

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Idea spinner by Mind Map: Idea spinner

1. How is it done

1.1. create 4 quadrant .on a spinner (predict ,summarize ,support and create) the assessment can be design as a game group of 4 . they will spin it and then asks students a question based on the location of where the spinner landed

2. When it can be used ?

2.1. End of presentation/lecture Close of a discussion End of an assignment

3. Why it can be used ?

3.1. Enables students to be engaged more in the formative assessment and to create students centered environment more than teacher centered environment . they will be responsible for their own learning progress

4. Example:

4.1. the lesson food chain and the four quadrants is 1-summarize the importance of food chain in one sentence 2-predict if one element disappeared 3-support your answers with evidence 4- create your own food chain