Sonia ~ 18 months old

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Sonia ~ 18 months old by Mind Map: Sonia ~ 18 months old

1. Mother 21 years old, stressful pregnancy & delivery, diagnosed with depression at 15, attends counselling infrequently and takes medication infrequently

1.1. During pick up, Sonia runs to her mother and motions to be picked up

1.1.1. Sonia sometimes exhibits these behaviours when her ECE's return from their breaks

1.2. Sonia also arches her back to be put down after her mother picks her up

1.3. Will sometimes hit her mother during reunions

2. Father 23 years old, lives in another town, visits Sonia twice a month, his parents provide financial/emotional support to Sonia's mother, has a baby with current girlfriend

3. Been attending childcare since 8 months

3.1. Sometimes will settle into ECE's arms for her bottle; sometimes will refuse the comfort offered

3.2. Will sometimes engage with her ECE during diapering, but usually cries and wiggles to get off the change table

3.3. Has been visiting the Toddler Room to prepare for the transition in 1 month

3.3.1. Sonia is very unsettled when visiting the Toddler Room; will not leave her ECE's side

3.3.2. On occasion when she does wander off to play, she often requires guidance to play in a pro-social way

4. Enters play area at childcare energetically

4.1. Cries and motions to be picked up when mom says "bye"

4.2. Will re-engage in play momentarily, then cry again and follow her ECE around the room

4.3. Attention span is 2-3 minutes

5. Eagerly enters play with peers

5.1. Problem solves by grabbing toy from another peer or by hitting peer with toy

5.2. When Sonia is sick, she cries constantly and will not let her educator put her down