College Mind Map

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College Mind Map by Mind Map: College Mind Map

1. Still be able to be involved in clubs and organizations

1.1. Time management

1.1.1. What is more important?

1.1.2. What needs to get done?

1.2. Balance

1.3. Keep my sanity

1.3.1. Take Breaks for myself

2. Receive a 3.5 Cummulative

2.1. Graduate on Time

2.1.1. Currently on track :)

2.2. Prioritization

2.2.1. Google Calendar is King and Queen

2.3. Start studying for the LSAT

2.3.1. I have some textbooks to get started

2.3.2. Start saving for LSAT Study course about $2000

3. Study Abroad

3.1. Save money to afford it

3.1.1. Go Fund Me?

3.1.2. Start saving Money now Go to office to find out how much I might need

3.2. Apply and find scholarships

3.2.1. Mccnair scholarship

3.2.2. Reach out to Micheal Mills

3.3. Trip to Sienna and Belgium

3.3.1. Get to work in an NGO

3.3.2. Get to see the world :)

4. ARD??

4.1. Be a good RA

4.1.1. Go above and beyond for my residents

4.1.2. Create strong connections with my fellow RA's and people above

4.1.3. Be a leader

5. Build meaningful and important connections

5.1. With residents

5.2. With Proffesionals

5.2.1. Internships? TA?

5.2.2. TA?