Road to Revolution

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Road to Revolution by Mind Map: Road to Revolution

1. Outcomes of the French and Indian War

1.1. Native Americans pushed out of the Ohio River Valley

1.2. The Quartering Act

2. Acts and Taxes

2.1. Stamp Act

2.2. Sugar Act

2.3. Townshend Act

2.4. Coercive Act

2.5. Tea Act

2.5.1. Boston Tea Party

3. Shifting Ideologies

3.1. Enlightenment

3.1.1. John Locke

3.2. Common Sense by Thomas Paine

3.3. The Magna Carta

3.4. Propaganda

3.5. Patrick Henry

4. Britain Demonstrating Control

4.1. Boston Massacre

5. Colonists Demanding Self Governance

5.1. Important Figures

5.2. First Continental Congress

5.3. Second Continental Congress

5.4. The Declaration of Independence