English Assessment

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English Assessment by Mind Map: English Assessment

1. Unit 3

1.1. Topic 1: Conversations about concepts in texts - Term 1 2020 (novel and film)

1.1.1. 1984

1.1.2. blade runner

1.1.3. government control, surveillance, totalitarian regime, dystopian warning

1.2. Topic 2: Conversations about issues in text - Term 4 2019

1.2.1. How representations effect meaning and shape understanding

1.2.2. Persuasive, spoken about an ISSUE, how this issue is shaped, presented in texts, in relation to cultural assumptions and values and beliefs find a good ISSUE - stirs debate research - background reading (history) write script - artfully, nuanced rhetoric and artful skills sound script rehearse film and edit What is recognized as a contentious issue, form a viewpoint (thesis) about ISSUE, aim - to persuade the audience to accept the viewpoint you are arguing, demonstrate critical engagement with other texts about the same issue (not thesis - illustrate examples - harm, assumption, detrimental - articles, advertising, televised, news report, radio, visual), formulate clear thesis and use representation of issue in other texts as evidence base (language, visuals that informs thesis)

2. Connections between texts

2.1. examine how the same concepts and issues occur in different texts

2.2. how textual constructions of concepts relate to each other, clash, and resonate

2.3. how this contributes to meaning, and making understanding

2.4. From assessments in unit 1 and 2: how meaning and perspectives are shaped by relationships between language - purpose