Animal Farm, characters'mindmap

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Characters'Map by Mind Map: Characters'Map

1. Boxer, the horse

1.1. Physical description

1.1.1. he is an enormous beast

1.1.2. very tall "nearly 18 hands high"

1.1.3. strong

1.1.4. he has a tremendous power of work : he is a hard worker

1.2. Personality

1.2.1. not very clever, intelligent

1.2.2. steady of character

1.2.3. he is considerate

2. Mollie, the mare

2.1. physical description

2.1.1. a white mare with a white mane

2.1.2. she is pretty

2.1.3. she is foolish

2.2. Personality

2.2.1. she loves sugar

2.2.2. she doesn't want to be jailed, she wants to be free

2.2.3. she is charming: " she loves wearing ribbons"

3. Clover, the mare

3.1. Personality

3.2. Physical description

3.2.1. a stout motherly mare

3.2.2. she is approaching middle life

4. Benjamin

4.1. Personality

4.1.1. the worst-tempered

4.1.2. he seldom talks : he is not talkative

4.1.3. he is cynical : when he does talk it is to make cynical remarks

4.2. physical description

4.2.1. the oldest animal on the farm

5. mr Jones

5.1. Physical description

5.2. personality

5.2.1. he is a drunk

5.2.2. he is alcoholic

5.2.3. he is violent and his animals are afraid of him

6. Old Major, the old pig

6.1. Physical description

6.1.1. he is fat and majestic looking

6.1.2. he never had his tushes cut off

6.1.3. He is old (12)

6.1.4. he had a lot of children (400 piglets in total!)

6.2. personality

6.2.1. He is wise

6.2.2. he is responsible

6.2.3. he advocates equality for all

6.2.4. he is a leader

6.2.5. he is alone because he lost his whole family (they have all been eaten!)

6.2.6. he is well respected by the other animals : they look up to himu

6.2.7. he is altruistic : he wants to help the other animals before he dies