What does Inquiry in Social Studies Look Like

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What does Inquiry in Social Studies Look Like by Mind Map: What does Inquiry in Social Studies Look Like

1. What it is to be human!

1.1. What are the different disciplines doing? That's what the students should be doing.

2. The real world

2.1. Students engaging and interacting in the real world

2.2. Authenticity

2.2.1. Meaning

2.2.2. Asking questions

2.2.3. Issues

2.2.4. Controversy

3. Inquiry Rubic

3.1. Authenticity

3.2. Use of technology

3.3. academic rigor

3.4. Assessment

3.5. Life skills

3.6. Active exploration

3.7. Connecting with experts

3.8. Elaborated communication

3.9. Compassion

4. Passion

4.1. Take what you are passionate about and find a way to incorporate it in your classroom

5. Student work

5.1. If the work is worth doing, it will be meaningful

5.2. Would you want to do the work?

6. Good assessment

6.1. Can help students to improve

7. Inquiry Based Lessons

7.1. Ring road in Calgary

7.1.1. Stakeholders meeting

7.1.2. website creation

7.2. Mayor Forum

7.2.1. Student led forum online

7.2.2. Encouraging others to vote

7.3. Immigrants

7.3.1. Visual representation of a culture

7.3.2. Speaking with people from that culture

7.4. Designing a proposal for an area of Calgary

8. Critical Thinking

8.1. Weigh the evidence

8.2. Identify bias

8.3. determine perspectives

9. Historical Thinking

9.1. use primary source evidence

9.2. Analyze

9.3. Identify continuity and change

9.4. Find significance

10. Throughline Questioning

10.1. Asking question to make connections to...

10.1.1. Self

10.1.2. Society

10.1.3. Subject matter

11. Theme/Question

11.1. Revisit the question over a period of time