Student Learning

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Student Learning by Mind Map: Student Learning

1. Authenticity, Academic Rigour, Assessment, Life Skills, Active exploration, Appropriate use of Technology, Connecting with Experts, Elaborated communication, and Compassion

1.1. Galileo Inquiry Rubric

2. Inquiry

2.1. Questioning

2.1.1. Research Understanding Change

3. Teacher

3.1. Empower and design

3.2. Sales

3.2.1. Modeling Supporting Participating

4. Experience

5. Throughline Questioning

5.1. Self

5.2. Subject Matter

5.3. Society

6. Action AND Passion

7. Participation

8. Benchmarks of Historical Thinking

8.1. Establish Historical Significance Use Primary Source Evidence Identify Continuity and Change Analyze Cause and Consequence Take Historical Perspectives Understand Ethical Dimensions of History