Return to Work Support Process

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Return to Work Support Process by Mind Map: Return to Work Support Process

1. Employee

1.1. Returns to allocated tasks

2. Employee & SME

2.1. Upon successful completion of Return to work support activities. SME & Employee sign off Form DIV07836/07839 (training record) and submit to LearningRep

3. Employee

3.1. Completes Items on To Do List & completes Return to Work Support activities with SME(s)

4. Learning Rep

4.1. Credit employee for completion of Return to Work Support ILT.

5. Learning Rep

5.1. Routes "module assignment" pack to Manger for approval for Training Plan Reactivation

5.2. Assign Return To Work Support module

6. Manager

6.1. Employee ISOtrain account reactivated per Division process & Prior to or upon employee return to work - Complete Form DIV08349 & return to Learning Rep

6.2. Assigns SME to complete Return to Work support Exercise