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online store by Mind Map: online store

1. What does the system do?

1.1. show products

1.1.1. picture

1.1.2. price

1.1.3. quality

1.1.4. arrival time

1.2. classify users

1.2.1. sellers

1.2.2. buyers

2. What systems communicate with the system?

2.1. payment system

3. What information do you want to manage in the system?

3.1. Products information

3.2. user information

4. What is your purpose from this system?

4.1. Collect money

4.2. Customer service

5. What business problem are you trying to solve with this system?

5.1. Delayed arrival

5.2. delivery to several countries

6. What type of payment system you want to use?

6.1. Visa card.

6.2. Paypal.

6.3. Perfect money.

7. Are there several type of users?

7.1. buyers

7.2. sellers.

8. Whom was this system developed for?

8.1. sellers who do not have real shops

8.2. buyers who don't like shopping in real stores

9. Do you need a special way of deliveries?

9.1. immediately

9.2. slow down

10. When do the users use the system?

10.1. sell products

10.2. buy products