Computer didactic materials

Mapa acerca de los materiales didácticos por computadora

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Computer didactic materials by Mind Map: Computer didactic materials

1. Students from 6 to 9 years

2. This game will help students to practice maths and know how the numbers are written. They are going to have fun! Next to woody, buzz lightyear and cowgirl Jessie you will have fun!

2.1. Toys story Numbers

3. The simpsons family

3.1. This game will help students to learn the members family by guessing with riddles. The levels are very easy and the family members too. Do you like The Simpsons?

3.2. Students from 11 to 15 years

4. Toy story Numbers

5. Learning with Mario

5.1. This game will help your students to develop their grammar skills by unscramble simple present sentences. Have fun with their friends challenging them to pass all the levels! Moments of fun you will have, can you pass all?

5.2. Students from 8 to 12 years

6. What are didactic materials?

7. Disadvantages

8. Advantages

9. Games