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Knowledge by Mind Map: Knowledge

1. English

1.1. I know that the use of transition words and higher tier vocabulary allows one to speak one's mind and ideas through a more coherent matter that allows the reader to have a stronger idea of what the author's message is. I know this through my own analysis of other authors of books I read and their ability to portray their messages.

2. Computer Science

2.1. I know that when you are using the coding language of Python, the use of parentheses may be optional at times, but it is a large part of making the code legible and easily understandable. I know this from my early experience as a coder.

3. Physical Education

3.1. I know that in order to make a Frisbee fly a good distance, not only is it important to throw it with power, but it is also important to have a good angle when throwing the Frisbee. I know this from all of my time spent playing ultimate Frisbee.

4. Band

4.1. I know that when playing the trumpet, it is important to keep a strong embouchure in your lips in order to keep your tone quality, clarity of the notes as well as control over the octaves. I know this from my playing time and practices of the trumpet.

5. Science

5.1. We know that the momentum of an object is determined through the product of the mass and velocity of the object. The mass times velocity results in the momentum in kg * m * s^-1.

6. History

6.1. We know that the Articles of Confederation was the first framework for a self governing government in the United States of America, which laid the base for the Constitution.

7. Italian

7.1. We know that the Italian language originates from the country of italy.

8. Math

8.1. We know that any number times an even number results in a product that is an even number.

9. Shared Knowledge

9.1. We know that although all the students would rather not go to school, it is beneficial for us to learn all of this knowledge for the future and our pursuits for our careers.

9.2. We know that technology has become an integral part of our lives as we constantly use laptops and phones on a daily, or even hourly, basis.

9.3. We know that it is important to wash our hands before we eat because it is dangerous for us to eat with germs and other unknown particles on our hand that could be harmful to us.

9.4. We know that friends are the people that we should keep close as they are the ones who care about us. Friends are who we value because they value us as well.

10. Personal Knowledge

10.1. I know that in order to prevent ankle injuries, a person should constantly do ankle stretches and exercises that strengthen the a parts around the ankle.

10.2. I know that the technology world is one of the most competitive where companies fight for multiple markets as they try to appeal to as many people as possible.

10.3. I know that the BTS is a main part of what people associate Korea with at this point, but they are only a smaller part of what Korea is as a whole.

10.4. I know that naps are a very ineffective way to spend your time, even if you are tired. It will throw off your sleep schedule as well as prevent you from having true deep sleep where one heals and energizes the most.

11. This can also be shared knowledge within anyone who is knowledgeable within the coding community.

12. This can also be shared knowledge for anyone who has played the trumpet and understood the process of playing it.

13. Culture

13.1. I know that values of respect change massively from each culture, as in Asia respect is a huge part of the society and community as a whole.

14. Any person who have lived in the western Asian countries such as Korea, China, Japan, etc, has shared knowledge of this.

15. Most of all personal knowledge can be shared knowledge with anyone who has experienced has similar experiences or understandings within the separate communities of band, computer scientists, etc.

16. Any shared knowledge can be personal knowledge if anyone has specific experiences that taught it to them and the others around them have not been taught or learned these things from personal experiences.

17. Knowledge is interchangeable based on the environment a person is raised and their own leanings based on teachers or experiences in comparison to the other people around them.

18. This works for both shared knowledge and personal knowledge as I know this because of the personal experiences that I have with naps vs sleep, but it is also shared knowledge as it is common knowledge that deep, long sleep over night is always better than taking smaller, erratic naps.

19. This can also be personal knowledge as I have experienced what good friendship means to people, and what it really means to care for each other as friends. But it is also shared knowledge as this concept of caring for friends is wide spread among people all across the world.