6JG What did you learn with me?

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6JG What did you learn with me? by Mind Map: 6JG What did you learn with me?

1. What is la francophonie?

1.1. community

1.1.1. group of people speak/use french

1.2. francophone communities in canada

1.2.1. flag something french in the symbols fleur de lis matches flags to their province/community

1.3. learned the names of provinces in french

1.3.1. located provinces on the map in french

2. Expressing what you like/dislike

2.1. its not je j'aime

2.1.1. j'aime i like

2.2. what you like and dont like

2.2.1. je n'aime pas

3. Canadian national anthem

3.1. french version of the anthem

3.1.1. very different

3.2. originally written in french

4. Tu vs. vous

4.1. tu

4.1.1. singular

4.1.2. close friend/relation

4.2. vous

4.2.1. plural

4.2.2. to someone you don't know

4.2.3. higher power/position

4.3. both mean you

4.3.1. tu is informal and vous is formal

5. Francophone music

5.1. very different from english

5.1.1. speak faster

6. Francophone art

6.1. older artists

6.2. contemporary

6.3. learned how to critique art

7. vocabulary

7.1. learned about accents

7.2. colours

7.3. the weathers

7.4. animals