Kathy Retreat

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Kathy Retreat by Mind Map: Kathy Retreat

1. Language & Vibration

1.1. "Fill the retreat" and fear/desperation

1.2. Consciously raise my frequency

2. What

2.1. promise & offer

2.2. Space to clear their head, refocus, re-align and figure out what they really, really want.

2.3. Promise: By the time you leave, you will know what you really want and how to get there... already in motion

3. Why

3.1. Because there are some people who need help

3.1.1. because they have something that is in their head that needs to get out and they don't know how to do that because of their busy lifestyle and surroundings We offer a safe place where you won't be judged by people you know. Because we all know how family and friends tend to hold us in a memory of who they think we are. Which is a past version of ourself. That it's kind of hard to move forward, isn't it? You know you are here for a reason, here for a purpose, and we can help facilitate that for you to live out.

4. WHO

4.1. Woman, strong energy, ambitious, 40+... you've invested your time, energy and resources in others to meet their dreams, now it's time to meet yours. Major transition in life - death, divorce, redundancy, loss or big change of some kind which is making them think "Ha, what now?!"

4.2. Did have a dream, maybe when they left Uni, way back. And what they trained for in Uni is completely different to what they are doing now.

5. HOW?

5.1. 8 Day Retreat in Spain

5.2. All the inclusions

5.3. Features

6. 90 Days

6.1. DELIVER you 6-week Online Group Training Program

7. 60 Days

7.1. 20 People Enrolled in 6 Week Program

7.2. USD$997 PIF or A Payment Plan

8. 30 Days

8.1. Delivering: Run 8-Day LIVE Retreat in Spain with 10+ Attendees...

8.1.1. FB LIVE the heck out of - DAILY

8.1.2. Craft a content calendar...