Raspberrypi Facial Recognition System

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Raspberrypi Facial Recognition System by Mind Map: Raspberrypi Facial Recognition System

1. Facial Recognition

1.1. How

1.1.1. The user will access the door by face id authentication

1.2. Who

1.2.1. User

1.3. What

1.3.1. The biometic system based on face authenticaton

1.4. Where

1.5. When

1.6. Why

1.6.1. To replace the exisitng biometric authentication (ID card / password)

2. Authentication

2.1. How

2.1.1. The system will scan the user's face and it will compare it with the database in other to authenticate it.

2.2. What

2.2.1. The phase for the system to runs a scanning to authenticate

2.3. Where

2.4. When

2.5. Who

2.5.1. User

3. Detection

3.1. How

3.1.1. ealgorithm that has been install and traind

3.2. Who

3.2.1. The system that has been develop using openCV

3.3. What

3.3.1. To detect the user's face using the algorithm that has been install and traind

3.4. Where

4. RaspberryPI

4.1. How

4.1.1. Develop the facial recognition system using phtyon and openCV

4.2. What

4.2.1. The device to run the system

4.3. Where

4.3.1. At the target area (access door)

4.4. When

4.5. Who

4.5.1. The developer

5. Problem statemet

5.1. • Password is inconvenience and easy to guess

5.2. • Many open source software and tools to crack password

5.3. • Current device or software in market are expensive