Challenge and Change in Society, Grade 12

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Challenge and Change in Society, Grade 12 by Mind Map: Challenge and Change in Society, Grade 12

1. B. Social Change

1.1. B1. Foundations for the Study of Social Change

1.1.1. Outline & Compare the key ideas of major theories

1.1.2. Describe various social & control conditions

1.1.3. Explain major social science methodologies

1.2. B2. Causes & Effects of Social Change

1.2.1. Describe ways in which Cdn leaders contributed to social change

1.2.2. Explain how various economic, environmental, political or socio cultural factors

1.2.3. Creating social change (attaining)

1.3. B3. Technological Change

1.3.1. Identify some recent technological changes & describe how they affect individuals


2.1. C1. Demographics

2.1.1. describe population trends in Canada and around the world

2.1.2. explain concepts related to demography

2.1.3. explain the significance of immigration to Canadian societ

2.2. C2. Forces That Shape Social Trends

2.2.1. describe how trends are shaped by various socio-economic factors

2.2.2. describe ways in which culture, tradition, and language influence social trends

2.2.3. explain how increases in population mobility shape social patterns and trends

2.3. C3. Social Deviance

2.3.1. describe the key ideas of major social science theories related to deviance

2.3.2. summarize and interpret statistics related to social deviance, discrimination, and hate crimes

2.3.3. describe various methods of deterrence

2.3.4. Relationship btw social panic and different social groups

2.3.5. Explain deterrence of social deviance and civil liberties

3. A. Research & inquiry Skils

3.1. A1 Processing Information

3.1.1. Formulate Conclusions

3.1.2. Documenting Sources

3.1.3. Record & organize information and key ideas

3.1.4. Gathering info through primary & secondary sources

3.1.5. Analyze and interpret research information

3.2. A2 Exploring

3.2.1. Discussion & Brainstorming

3.2.2. Social & Economic Factors

3.2.3. Formulate effective questions

3.3. A3 Investigating

3.3.1. Locate & select information through investigation/observation

3.3.2. Create research plans

3.3.3. Formulate a hypothesis

3.4. A4 Communicating & Reflecting

3.4.1. Use appropriate format (oral presentation, brochure or research report)

3.4.2. Use terms relating to social change

3.4.3. Communicate the results of their inquiries

3.4.4. Demonstrate an understanding of the general research process by reflecting/evaluating


4.1. D1. Global Inequalities

4.1.1. provisions of various provincial, national, and international agreements for addressing human rights

4.1.2. Various types of descrimination

4.1.3. summarize the statistics on literacy rates

4.1.4. explain how various socio-economic conditions

4.2. D2. Globalization

4.2.1. explain various types of arrangements between governments and transnational corporations,

4.3. D3. Exploitation

4.3.1. Describe the effects of unfair exploitation

4.3.2. explain ways in which some Canadian government policies have resulted in unfair or unjust exploitation of individuals and groups

4.3.3. identify environmental changes that have resulted from the unchecked exploitation of fossil-fuel resources