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psycologist by Mind Map: psycologist

1. is it a good fit for me

1.1. does it fit my personality

1.1.1. grandfather

1.2. is it a high stress job

1.2.1. internet

2. how hard is it to be come one

2.1. what kind of degree will i need

2.1.1. acc advisers

2.2. do i need other kinds of experience to become a viable option for hiring

2.2.1. internet/grandfather

3. is the job stable

3.1. will it make raising a family hard

3.1.1. grandfather

3.2. will i have to worry about getting laid off if the market takes a down turn

3.2.1. grandfather/internet

4. will it fulfill my needs

4.1. pay

4.1.1. internet

4.2. will i feel satisfied doing it

4.2.1. grandfather