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Outside the app by Mind Map: Outside the app

1. tree map on website

1.1. total counter of the trees, include best ''tree planters''

2. web-banner on website

2.1. what is the price right now

2.2. how green is the electricity now

2.3. renewable energy

3. Daily SoMe posts

3.1. what is the price right now

3.2. how green is the electricity now

3.3. how much CO2

3.4. CO2

4. compare - can we get access to the consumption and show on the website?

4.1. east to vest

4.2. city

4.3. people named Henrik

5. newsletter

5.1. fun facts

5.2. insights, how green etc

5.3. use the push notification algorithm

6. Dedicated CO2 page on the web

7. counter on all the trees that Barry have planted

8. In app

8.1. This is what I did(plant a tree) - share with friends

9. marketing on website

9.1. total counter on the website - how many trees have barry customers planted

9.2. top 5 planters should be displayed

9.3. calculator could be outside of the app (you can also pay to tree for otuside the app)

10. important insight to find out

10.1. what is the motivator behind sharing?

10.2. is it ’’bragging’’or is it ‘i

10.3. I did something good, you should as well’’

11. besides planting a tree, could you name that tree

11.1. map on the website with trees and name of the trees

11.2. could we already start promoting now with friend referral? 200 plus tree? - link it with weekly update o the website with top planters - then you can decide how many trees you plant

11.2.1. could be also in freemium