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Color Theory by Mind Map: Color Theory


1.1. Helps you mix colors.

1.1.1. Primary colors: red, yellow and blue

1.1.2. Secondary colors: red+yellow= orange, yellow+blue=green, red+blue=purple

1.1.3. Terciary colors: red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-purple, red purple


2.1. Color values are the lights and darks of a color. They are created by using white or black

2.1.1. tints Lightened colors white+color

2.1.2. shade Darkened colors black+color

2.1.3. neutral colors Contain equal part of the 3 primary colors: black, off-black, white, off-white, grey

2.1.4. Warm colors Found on the right side of the color wheel: reds, yellows, oranges and greens

2.1.5. Cool colors Found in the left side of the color wheel: greens, blues, purples.

3. 3 Basic Elements

3.1. Hue:the actual color

3.2. Chroma: the intensity

3.3. Tone: the amount of black or white


4.1. Systematic way of using the color wheel to put colors together.

4.1.1. Monochromatic Only one color and its value

4.1.2. Complementary Opposites on the color wheel

4.1.3. Split-complementary Like complementary but using more than two opposite colors.

4.1.4. Analogous 3-5 colors adjacent each other in the color wheel

4.1.5. Achromatic Zero saturation and no hue. Neutral greys, black or white.