What Does Inquiry in SS Look Like?

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What Does Inquiry in SS Look Like? by Mind Map: What Does Inquiry in SS Look Like?

1. Inquiry Rubric

1.1. Authenticitiy

1.1.1. Students engage in work that is rooted in the real world, wrestling with meaning and relevant lends itself to inquiry more naturaly ie. Website building to be used by community

1.2. AcademicRigor

1.2.1. Being in the company of a passionate adult who is rigorously pursuing inquiry in the area of their subject matter and is inviting students along as peers in that discourse. Students working in ways or behaviours that mirror the disciplines outside of school. ie. How do historians think, act, work or produce knowledge

1.2.2. The Critical Thinking Consortium

1.2.3. Benchmarks of Historical Thinking

1.2.4. Throughline Questioning

2. Looking at what kids' produce not necessarily the testing

3. Powerful Questions

3.1. Sell the topic

3.2. Resources to hook the kids

4. Kids are learning to behave and act in the way of the disciplines

5. Need a balance between the messiness and having a target or focus for the students

6. Connect to the real world

7. Moving beyond factual recall

8. Students' evoking change

8.1. Give back to community

8.2. Honour their voices

8.3. Give a platform for change

9. Critical or Dangerous thinking

10. Digital Citizenship

11. Engaging

12. Connection to curriculum