What does Inquiry Look Like

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What does Inquiry Look Like by Mind Map: What does Inquiry Look Like

1. Inquiry is a dispostion towards the topic you teach.

2. Galileo's Inquiry Rubric (elements of Inquiry)

2.1. Authenticity

2.1.1. One of the foundations of inquiry

2.1.2. This is were students engaged in work that is rooted in the real world, wrestling with meaning and relevant questions, issues, and controversies.

2.2. Academic Rigour

2.2.1. One of the foundations of inquiry

2.2.2. HTH video states that rigour is being in the company of a passionate adult who is rigorously pursing inquiry in the area of their subject matter and is inviting students along as peers in that discourse.

2.2.3. This is were students work in ways or behaviors that mirror the disciplines outside of school.

2.2.4. Ways of thinking: 1. Critical thinking Consortium gets students to: 2. Benchmark of Historical thinking Throughline Questions gets students to build connections between:

2.3. Assessment

2.4. Life Skills

2.5. Appropiate use of Technology

2.6. Active Exploration

2.7. Connecting with Experts

2.8. Elaborated Communication

2.9. Compassion

3. Inquiry is not a particular way of:

3.1. sharing information

3.2. online research

3.3. proccessing things that students are interested in

4. Inquiry gets the Students to behave like actors, scientists, docummentry filmmakers, and journalists an not just learn the information.

5. As a teacher you need to balance the messyness of the inquiry with the focus of knowing what your end goal is.

5.1. Its about bringing in a topic but giving room to discover.

5.2. You also need to as a teacher:

5.2.1. Have a driving question

5.2.2. Sell the topic first to the students