Short Story Brain Storming

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Short Story Brain Storming by Mind Map: Short Story Brain Storming

1. Creature walking through forest fire finds sapling starting to grow, scoops it into his antlers and takes it away from the fire. The tree starts to grow along the way, wrapping its roots around the antlers. The deer carries the seed for so long that it eventually grows too big and weighs the deer's head down. The deer collapses under the weight, and the tree grows around the deer's body. It grows tall enough that the branches cover a wide area, and it drops seeds that start a new forest, and life begins to grow again.

1.1. I really like this idea - Immy

2. the fairy doors that you can buy for your rooms actually have little fairies and mushroom humans

2.1. Mushroom humans!

2.1.1. A whole mushroom human empire that's hidden like the trolls in frozen



2.4. Maybe a little girl discovers them?

3. Fairies

4. World Where Animals Are Illegal

5. A little girl hides the last one in her cabin

5.1. portal to another world for them?

5.2. Tries to find a way to keep them safe

6. Weird House Encounter

7. A little character, e.g. chibi girls finds a strangely shaped house aka an mushroom house

7.1. Finds a weird, scrambled character making potions

8. Sad Boi Stories

9. Lonely Creature

9.1. There is a lonely creature who wanders alone and when walking through a forest everyone seems to disappear (maybe since theyre a fantasy creature??)

9.2. at the end one creature comes out and stops them from leaving the forest and becomes their friend, idk could be expanded upon

10. Musical Stimulus:

10.1. Shyer - London Grammar

10.2. Pluto - Sleeping at Last

10.3. Moving Mountains - The Brevet

10.3.1. Creature who envies the ability to fly makes it their mission to leave their home and make it over the mountain range trapping them in.

10.4. Saturn - Sleeping at Last

11. What if we just re animate the movie Barbie the princess and the pauper, animate the the song "a girl like you" and just submit that shit

11.1. That's the ticket to success right there


12.1. I have no ideas for this yet but just for future reference