FNMI Technology Integration in the Classroom

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FNMI Technology Integration in the Classroom by Mind Map: FNMI Technology Integration in the Classroom

1. Colour Legend by Subject Area:

1.1. Math

1.2. Science

1.3. Social Studies

1.4. ELA

2. Video Chat Calls

2.1. Meetings with Elders

2.1.1. Learn about culture (traditions & history)

2.1.2. Hear stories and learn about languages

2.1.3. Share songs

2.2. Work with Indigenous Students

2.2.1. Learn about different cultures around the globe

2.2.2. Learn different languages from students around the globe

3. Google Earth

3.1. Google Earth Voyager https://earth.google.com/web/@15.16355348,-44.18799066,-16651a,31916368d,35y,0h,0t,0r/data=CgQSAggB

3.1.1. Learn about different cultures

3.1.2. Learn different languages with "Celebrating Indigenous Speakers" Google Earth,-44.18799066,-16651a,31916368d,35y,0h,0t,0r/data=CjISMBIgYTY1Y2U1NTk3MzE4MTFlOTkzN2RjN2JkNTNhNDc1ZGIiDHNwbGFzaHNjcmVlbg

3.2. Locate Reserves and Sacred land

4. Virtual Museums

4.1. The Virtual Museum of Mtis History and Culture

4.2. Civilization.ca - Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage - Native Material Culture in Canada - Introduction

4.3. Online Exhibitions | Exhibitions | Canadian Museum of History

4.4. Storm Spirits - Aboriginal New Media Art

5. Online Educational Videos

5.1. Small Number Counts to 100 - Math Catcher - Simon Fraser University

5.2. Stories and Spaces — Exploring Kainai Plants and Culture

5.3. Wonderville | STEM Classroom Resources

5.4. Sharing stories, experiences, traditions

5.5. Glenbow Museum - Niitsitapiisini: Our Way of Life

6. Online Games

6.1. Games from the Aboriginal People of North America: Math Content

6.2. Path of the Elders Game