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Bidiversity by Mind Map: Bidiversity

1. biodiversity is the variety of living things that exist in the world

2. The importance of biodiversity is that by having so much variety of animals and plants that help us to live we must take care of it because by damaging it we harm ourselves

3. The term "biodiversity" is a tracing of English "biodiversity." This term, in turn, is the contraction of the term "biological diversity" that is first determined in October 1986 as the title of a conference on the subject, the National Biodiversity Forum, convened by Walter G. Rosen, to who is credited with the idea of ​​the word.

4. The biodiversity found on Earth today is the result of four billion years of evolution.

5. In addition, biodiversity helps science understand how the vital process works and the role that each species has in ecosystems.

6. In the plant kingdom it is estimated that approximately 12.5% ​​of known species are threatened.