performance demands precision

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performance demands precision by Mind Map: performance demands precision

1. muli - sensor advantages

1.1. Multi-Sensor Advantages One of the metrology systems that RYE chose for quality control is the Starrett AV450 Automatic Vision System featuring Metlogix M3 software. The AV450 is a multi-sensor (optics, video, laser and touch probe capable) system with a large X,Y,Z measuring /working volume of 18” x 14” x 8” (450mm x 350mm x 200mm). System accuracy is in the several micron range depending on the size of the part being measured. The AV450 system can be used to manually measure a single feature on one part or to automatically measure multiple features on many parts in a program

2. speed is paramount

2.1. RYE has increased inspection throughput two-fold since using the Starrett AV450. “On top of the time savings, the AV450 is easy-to-use, so in addition to our quality lab personnel, machinists come into the lab to verify their parts,” says Whelan. “We are all able to measure faster with a much greater level of confidence and the system allows us to make adjustments if needed.” Since the AV450 system offers automated system measurement routines, inspection speed and throughput can be dramatically increased. Repetitive parts data is cached, and the program can automatically call-up the stored data when the same part needs inspection again.

3. engine requirements

3.1. Effective quality control is also paramount to realizing the maximum horsepower and reliability needed in a high-performance engine that is confined by rules packages in NASCAR, IMSA, and other motor racing series. Achieving horsepower goals along with sustained reliability under the extreme demands of a 400- or 500-mile race, is dependent on designing and building engines with repeatable parts that meet the required design tolerances