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JELLYWEB - the many ways by Mind Map: JELLYWEB - the many ways
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JELLYWEB - the many ways


keep the energy

Willi: 1 Minute video statement about jellyweek experience





notes from thread from fb

‎Anni clarified it for me ... that a jelly is absolutely not bound to happen at a cowo space, though it often does! And the claim of the "LET'S MAKE THE GLOBAL COWORKING MOVEMENT VISIBLE. " requires careful reading!!! COWORKING MOVEMENT is a broader thing than COWORKING _SPACE_ MOVEMENT! - There might be a cowo space with an operator not in the least caring about jellies, but with a nice jelly activity and organizer ... understand? I like conceptual precision and submit "doing a jelly" to be a "format of collaboration", *method*. While a cowo space is a *space*! Compare it with doing a unconference or barcamp - who would confuse it with the venue?? Nobody. An event needs a space, but it IS not the space ...

note 2

Willi Schroll ‎Gunasekar I am happy to see, that my proposals for a JELLYWEB and a JELLYWEBTABLE ("jellycorner") in my short video clips of yesterday early morning and do find resonance with you (or you have just come to the same conclusions). I was talking to Anni about having a foundation too. And yesterday we had the hangout with an expert in alternative currency Matthew Slater - so we are even on the path of TimeBanks + JellyBanks : )

note 3

After I have added some invideo-annotations to the first video, I will make some others to the second one. - The memes are all in the air now and it is important that we do not discuss alternatives, where we can diversity instead!  Easy perspective;  2) JELLYWEEK  JELLYWEEK is a event brand (it is a "week") in the "world of social causes". Maybe later ion the future it might be 2 times a year, but now it is annual and means a special event, recharging, inspiring - and only as a singular event it can have this power! Anni thinks the same as I understand.  2) JELLYWEB Then there is a permanent and useful reciprocal support in the network of worldwide coworkers - the JELLYWEB; future will tell wether perma hangouts are smarter if they have "time gates" (every 3 hours), where you sit down the table avery three hours in world time and drinking your coffee on the JELLYWEBtable (big OLED screens will be very cheap in next years, believe me as tech analyst; so we have realistic telepresence. It is always open, but you have a rhythm of eg 3 hours to increase the chance to meet someone! 3) JELLYWISE - the support team to help you organize a local JW Then there is the dynamics of interested people or ngos to do a "local Jellyweek" like you have barcamps .. there we can have a toolbox/starter kit and advisory board to advise them (it it is more than an hour, there could be fees paid to the Jelly Foundation, which can finance cowo projects etc in more poor regions of the world. This are some first proposals that show that all can be done in parallel and grow organically.  Amr Hussien A discussion about changing names is strange to me, and I want to have always an argument if such a idea is expressed, just to understand the intention ...


keep the


use a wiki instead of ehterpad

check out alternatives for google hangouts

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