How to measure L&D strategy effectiveness

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How to measure L&D strategy effectiveness by Mind Map: How to measure L&D strategy effectiveness

1. Definitions

1.1. Coaching

1.2. effectiveness

1.3. What does success look like

1.4. Stakeholders

2. Inputs

2.1. what variables do we have

2.2. what variables do we need

2.3. what assumptions do we make

2.4. what tools do we have

3. Why?

3.1. Understand what coaching is needed

3.2. measure engagement between annual surveys

3.3. Understand our expectations

3.4. Continous Improvement at a corporate level

4. Outputs

4.1. Measurement all up and by market

4.2. Understand effectiveness in different service lines

4.3. Training needs

4.4. L&D strategy changes

5. Process

5.1. Understanding the decisions to be made

5.2. Involve stakeholders in definitions

5.3. determine measure tools and variables

5.4. Gather data points, determine missing data

6. Review

6.1. Stakeholder review

6.2. Understand data vs outputs

6.3. Determine meaning

6.4. Determine actions