Responsible Life as a Netizen

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Responsible Life as a Netizen by Mind Map: Responsible Life as a Netizen

1. Be aware of what you post online.

1.1. Do not open unknown links

1.2. Keep your personal stuff

1.2.1. Be smart netizen

2. Becareful of what you say.

2.1. Be matured

2.2. Be polite

2.3. Be attentive

3. Be mindful of privacy.

3.1. Do not share screenshot of private message

4. Avoid sharing fake news.

4.1. Do fact check

4.2. Read it first

5. Be truthful

5.1. Recognize and respect diversity.

5.1.1. Respect the opinions of others

5.2. Speak the truth

5.3. Post only what you are sure of

6. Credit the source when reposting

6.1. Respect the owner

7. Do not engage in cyberbullying and other internet crimes.

7.1. Never critize a particular person

8. Share expert knowledge

8.1. Share something resourceful

9. Be careful when speaking about sex, religion or politics.

9.1. Be cautios

9.2. Be sensitive