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Crellective User by Mind Map: Crellective User

1. Enable/disable album

1.1. Enable/disable artist

2. Primary Extension - Studio - Rental / Listings community ( model)

2.1. View list of rental items

2.1.1. View details of booking/appointment

2.2. Search for booking/appointment

2.3. Filter bookings/appointments

2.4. Send request for booking/appointment

2.5. Pay for booking/appoitment

2.6. Chat with rental owner

2.7. View calendar with bookings/appointments

2.8. View history of bookings/appointments purchased

2.9. Manage rental

2.9.1. View list of my rental items

2.9.2. Add rental item

2.9.3. Edit description

2.9.4. Delete rental item

2.9.5. Confirm/deny request

2.9.6. View notifications about new rental requests

2.9.7. Chat with customer

2.9.8. View history of bookings/appontments provided

3. Community Petitions

3.1. View list of petitions published

3.1.1. View details of petition

3.2. Sign petition

3.3. Share petition

3.4. Manage petitions

3.4.1. View list of my petitions

3.4.2. Create petition

3.4.3. Edit petition

3.4.4. Delete petition

3.5. Vote

4. Community Contests

4.1. View satistics data

4.1.1. Total quantity of contests

4.1.2. Total quantity of participants

4.1.3. Total quantity of contest by type

4.2. View list of contests

4.2.1. View details of each contest Title Type (icon) Category&subcategory Status (open/closed) Brief introduction Main descriprion Hashtags Terms and conditions Images Entries duration Voting duration Limit for quantity of entries per one user Quantity of winning entries Awards Winners List of participants Most viewed entries Most voted entries List of comments List of reviews

4.3. Search for a contest

4.3.1. By title

4.4. Filter contests

4.4.1. By category

4.4.2. By type Blog contests Music contests Video contests Photo contests

4.4.3. By characteristic Top Popular Premium Recent

4.4.4. My friend's contests

4.4.5. Featured contests

4.4.6. Premium contests

4.4.7. Ending soon contests

4.4.8. Closed contests

4.4.9. My following contests

4.4.10. My favourtite contest

4.5. Join contest

4.6. Leave contest

4.7. Create an entry

4.7.1. Choose existing item (blog, video etc.)

4.7.2. Create new item

4.8. Vote for participants

4.9. Follow contest

4.10. Add to favourite

4.11. View my entries in each contest

4.12. Comment/delete comment

4.13. Write a review

4.14. Manage contests

4.14.1. View list of my created contests View details of each contest Title Type Category Subcategory Status (open/closed) Brief introduction Main descriprion Hashtags Terms and conditions Images Entries duration Voting duration Limit for quantity of entries per one user Quantity of winning entries Awards Winners List of participants Most viewed entries Most voted entries View statistics of contest View transactions to participants Comments List of reviews

4.14.2. Create contest Choose category and subcategory Choose contest type Blog Music Photo Video Add title Add brief introduction Add main descriprion Add hashtags Define terms and conditions Upload images Select entries duration Select voting duration Select limit for quantity of entries per one user Select quantity of winning entries Select privacy settings

4.14.3. Register contest with Premium service Pay corresponding fee

4.14.4. Register contest with Featured service Pay corresponding fee

4.14.5. Publish contest User needs to pay for contest publishing

4.14.6. Create email for participants

4.14.7. Create personal emails

4.14.8. Invite users

4.14.9. Send invitation via email

4.14.10. Mark as ending soon Pay corresponding fee

4.14.11. Give awards to participants

4.14.12. Choose winners

4.14.13. Edit contest details

4.14.14. Change contest status (close)

4.14.15. Delete contes

4.14.16. Manage transactions

5. Primary Extension - Pitch - Proposal Development Platform and crowd source production - How Tongal Works

6. Primary Extension - Write - Publishing and Author Support Platform - Goodreads

7. Primary Extension - Stream - Twitch / Omegele Webcam broadcasting and chat app - Twitch / Discord Model. -Twitch

8. Secondary Crellective Ride - transportation mass market community rental service

9. Primary Extension - Design - Graphic Design Software -

9.1. View list of my designs created

9.2. Create design

9.3. Edit design

9.4. Delete design

9.5. Add description&price for each design

9.6. Edit description&price for each design

9.7. Set up privacy settings for each design

9.8. Boost design

9.9. Make list of designs

9.10. Delete list of designs

9.11. Chats with customers

9.12. Download file with design

9.13. Integrate with Stock Content from Seller of Storefront Items

9.14. Upload your own designs

9.15. Share designs among team members

9.16. Motion books - Motion Book Tool | Madefire

9.17. Create - browser based HTML 5 drawing application - Deviant Art

10. Primary Extension - Connect: P2P File Hosting / Torrent Site - Limewire - Download Limewire Free

11. Secondary Extension - Crew: Secondary Mobile App Extension Crew - Keep everyone on the same page

12. Primary Extension - Academy - Udemy / : Online Course Delivery Marketplace Online Courses - Learn Anything, On Your Schedule | Udemy

12.1. Courses

12.1.1. View list of courses View details of each course Title Date created List of comments Rating Category Description Participants Parts of the course

12.1.2. Filter courses By category By tutor

12.1.3. Search for a course

12.1.4. Take course Needs payment

12.1.5. View history of taken course

12.1.6. Comment course

12.1.7. Delete comments

12.1.8. Add review about course

12.1.9. Rate course

12.1.10. Vote

12.1.11. Manage courses View list of my created course View details of each course Create course Add title Choose category Add description Add parts of the course Enter price Edit course Title Category Description Parts of the course Prcie Delete course View reviews about my course

13. Primary Extension - Collab - Collaboration software

13.1. View list of workplaces

13.1.1. View details of each workplace

13.2. Search for a workplace

13.3. Manage workplaces

13.3.1. View list of my workplaces

13.3.2. Create workplace

13.3.3. Edit information about workplace

13.3.4. Delete workplace

13.3.5. Invite team members

13.3.6. Exclude team members

13.3.7. View list of channels

13.3.8. Create channel

13.3.9. Delete channel

13.3.10. Archive channel

13.4. View notifications avout new direct messages/channels

13.5. Read messages in direct chats/channels

13.6. Send messages in direct chats/channels

13.6.1. Attach file/link/image

14. Primary Extension - Launch - Crowdfunding platform ( Kickstarter / Indigogo model ) Crowdfunding / Fundraising / Donations Plugin

15. Primary Extension - Market - Freelance Gig Market - ( Model) This is what we used to have - with all the extensions -

15.1. View list of offers

15.1.1. View details of each offer

15.2. Search for offer

15.3. Filter offers

15.4. Apply for offer

15.5. View history of applications

15.6. View history of tasks completed

15.7. Chat with customers/freelancers

15.8. Publish offer

15.9. View applications to my offfers

15.10. Confirm/deny freelancer

15.11. Register as seller

15.12. Gig Categories

15.13. Search for Gigs

15.14. Order History

15.15. Custom Request

15.15.1. Seller Notifications

15.16. Job Progress Tracking

15.17. Job Completion release held customer payment to seller

15.18. Job verification

15.19. Bookmark / favorite seller

15.20. Separate project chat window - Blocked terms

15.21. Seller Refund Request

15.22. Seller integration with Ads

15.23. Package file transfer via integrated FTP portal

15.24. Boast Job

15.25. Buyer requirements page

15.26. Project Date Order Tracking - Dates - custom timing.

15.27. Supports 4 View types i.e. Grid View, Player View, Card View, Mini List View

15.28. Unique Landing page dashboard

15.29. Gig Seller Dashboard

15.29.1. Balance Order Statistics Order list & Task List

15.30. Seller Endorsement + Tips

15.31. Seller Export Earning and Accounting Reports

15.32. Customer Experience Rating + Review

15.33. Dedicated menu system

15.34. Project Tagging

15.35. Manage Requests

15.36. leveling telemetries

15.36.1. Measurements Response Rate Order Completion Rate On Time Delivery Rating Selling Sinority Orders Earnings Days without Warnings World Location Project Request Geo Location Rating Standards

15.37. Seller Analytics

15.37.1. Total Earned Total Completed Orders Average Selling Price

15.38. Promote Yourself

15.38.1. Badge Category Boost the traffic to your Gigs by embedding this seller badge on your website or blog. Custom Code Embedding

16. Primary Extension - Workbench - Adobe cross integration with Spark API

17. Primary Extension - Pledge - Artist Subscription platform Patreon subscription model

17.1. Setup Pledge Page

17.1.1. Once Fully Setup User must submit for Review by admin Thanks How do you want to thank your patrons? How amazing would it be if your patrons got a personal, secret thank you from you when they pledged? Don't worry, this text isn't required in order to launch. You can come back to this at any time. Text Box + Video URL Tiers Add Tiers Offers Preview About Name of Pledge Page What Are you Creating? Which sounds more Correct? Pledge Page Profile Photo Cover Photo Pledge Page URL Custom Brand Colors Earnings visibility Patronage Visility About Pledge Page Intro Video Social Linking Adult Content Advanced Inegrations Payments Payment schedule Required Monthly Charge my patrons at the start of every month. Charge Patrons up front New patrons will be charged the day they become a patron, then on the 1st of the month going forward. Learn more Per Creation Charge my patrons only when I make a Paid Post. Edit payout settings Learn More Once your creator page is launched, you can edit your payout settings, including how you'd like to get paid and your tax information. Goals What would you like to work toward with your patrons? Goals are the best way to get patrons excited about the next big step of your creative journey. Paint a picture of what you'll work towards together. What type of goal are you working towards? Show less You can change your mind at any time. You’ll keep your Patreon earnings regardless of hitting your goals. Earnings-based goals Your goals are based on how much you earn on Patreon. "When I reach $500 per month, I’ll start a special podcast series where I interview 1 patron every month." Community-based goals Your goals are based on how many patrons you have on Patreon. "When I reach 500 patrons, I’ll hire an editor to help me release 2 videos per week instead of 1.” Page Checklist

18. Cross Linking with Pages - Community Business directory

18.1. Manage business profile

18.1.1. Register as business profile Contacts (user) Name Business name Contacts (business) Business details Website Address EIN registration Tax I. D. License/insurance Industry Team size Tags for skills Tags for specialisation Members and permissions

18.1.2. View list of my business profiles View details of each profile

18.1.3. Create business profile Choose category and subcategory Use custom profile fields Add general description

18.1.4. Provide access to other users for business profile management

18.1.5. Edit profile

18.1.6. Delete profile

18.1.7. Import data

18.1.8. Customize profile view

18.1.9. Sponsor profile

18.1.10. Feature business

18.1.11. Receive notifications

18.1.12. Manage advertisements

18.1.13. Pages - CRUD

18.1.14. Reviews

18.1.15. Ratings

18.1.16. Create content Photos Videos Audios Events Polls Notes

18.1.17. Schedule content

18.1.18. Badges

18.1.19. Offers

18.1.20. Promote profile

18.1.21. Manage Forums

18.1.22. Recommendations

18.1.23. Analytics&reports

18.1.24. Choose view for list of items in profile

18.1.25. Link to Facebook business

18.1.26. Invite friends from other sources

18.1.27. Invite team members

18.1.28. Contact business owners

18.1.29. Change URL for business page

18.1.30. Print business information

18.1.31. Earnings

18.1.32. Manage chat Generate custom responses Edit custom responses Turn off custom responses View list of chats with users Read message in each chat Send messages in chat Delete chat

18.1.33. Marketing tools

18.1.34. Manage Bookings / Appointments

18.2. Business profiles interaction

18.2.1. View list of business profiles

18.2.2. Search for business profile

18.2.3. Filter business profiles Recent Most popular Random Featured Sponsored

18.2.4. Follow/unfollow

18.2.5. Claim business

18.2.6. Chat with business Send message to chat Read messages in chat Delete chat

18.2.7. Book Appointments

18.2.8. Extension Integrations - Events , Forums, Groups, Pages, Threads

18.3. Cross-linking with Blogs, Forums,threads, events, blogs, Pages, Job directory, Business Directory Via integrated Hyperlinked Tabs

18.4. Supports 4 View types i.e. Grid View, Player View, Card View, Mini List View

18.5. Chat Bots configurable auto responses for business directory users

18.5.1. Auto Reminders

18.5.2. Auto Scheduling posts

18.5.3. Instant Answers to inquires

18.5.4. Facebook Messenger Chatbot Integration Integrate your facebook messenger chatbot by configuring below details: * ► Facebook Page Access Token * ► Facebook Verification Token * ► Facebook Chatbot Request Security Key * ► Messenger Link * ► Messenger Link Title General Settings * ► Search Phrases: To add possible search keywords / phrases a user can enter while searching something with help of this chatbot. * * ► Ignore Phrases: To add possible phrases which you want the chatbot to ignore when entered by the user. * * ► Greeting Message: Compile message to greet your facebook page visitors when they first opens the chat box to start the conversation with the chatbot. You can use certain properties to address the user, which are: first name, last name or full name. * * ► Call Support Action Button: Provide either phone number or reply with a message when user asks for assistance. Response Messages Configure various responses for the visitor’s interacting with your facebook messenger chat bot. * ► Get Started Messages * ► Call Support Reply Message * ► Response to Greeting * ► Response to Thanks Message * ► Response to Goodbye * ► Information Not Found * ► Search Results Found * ► Bookmark Added * ► Bookmark Deleted * ► Bookmark Already Added * ► Bookmark Already Removed * ► Unclear Query * ► View More Message * ► Make a Call Message * ► Persistent Menu Info Message * ► Persistent Menu Help Message Manage Persistent Menu Set the persistent menu for chatbot to help people discover and more easily access your functionality throughout the conversation. The persistent menu is always available to the user. This menu contains top-level actions that users can enact at any point. Persistent menu easily communicates the basic capabilities of your bot for first-time and returning users. * ► 3 main menu items * ► Maximum 3 sub menu items under a main menu * ► Drag the menu change its sequence Manage Templates Button Template buttons are used to offer user a rich in-conversation experience while checking carousel of content templates. The carousel of templates consists of title, subtitle, image, and up to three buttons. * ► Maximum 3 buttons can be enabled for the carousel of templates * ► These buttons will allow you to offer the actions they can take in response to the template like: View Details, Share, Bookmark * ► Add title for each template button * ► Drag the template buttons to change their sequence Manage Quick Replies Quick replies provide a way to present a set of buttons in-conversation that contain a title and appear prominently above the composer. When a quick reply is tapped, the buttons are dismissed, and the title of the tapped button is posted to the conversation as a message. * ► Enable/disable quick reply buttons * ► Add title for each quick reply button * ► Drag the quick reply buttons to change their sequence Manage Modules Manage various modules which you want to be available for users to explore while they interact with the chatbot. * ► Add sub categories for each module separately * ► Add title for each module to be displayed in facebook messenger * ► Add search keywords for each module which will yield better search results * ► Manage template buttons for each module separately * ► Manage sub category template buttons for each module separately * ► Manage quick replies for each module separately Broadcast Messages Message can be broadcast to all of your facebook page visitor’s. * ► You can use message recipient's name in message by using {{first_name}} and {{last_name}} on places where you want to use their name * ► Compile the ‘Fall Back’ text, it will be send when your messenger bot does not have permission to access a visitor’s name * ► You can broadcast the message as: Normal Message, Silent Push Notification & Push Notification User Chat Log Check the queries asked to the chatbot by the your visitors. You can also view the response visitor’s got for their queries. By monitoring the queries and their responses, you can configure this plugin more effectively. A

18.6. Verify Business

19. Cross Linking with Pages - Community Job directrory

19.1. View list of jobs

19.1.1. View details of each job

19.2. View lst of industries

19.3. View list of employees

19.4. View list of featured jobs

19.5. View list of sponsored jobs

19.6. Filter jobs

19.6.1. Industry

19.6.2. Project type

19.6.3. Role

19.6.4. Location

19.6.5. Newest

19.6.6. Most viewed

19.6.7. Hot

19.6.8. Salary

19.6.9. Job level

19.7. Search for a job

19.7.1. Industry

19.7.2. Role

19.8. Set up parameters to receive job alerts

19.9. Change parameters to receive job alerts

19.10. Cancel job alerts

19.11. Apply for a job

19.12. Save job

19.13. View list of compnies

19.13.1. View details of each company

19.14. Follow/unfollow company

19.15. Upload video resume from YouTube

19.16. My company

19.16.1. View list of my companies

19.16.2. Create company

19.16.3. Edit company

19.16.4. Feature company

19.16.5. Sponsor company

19.16.6. Delete company

19.17. My jobs

19.17.1. View list of my jobs created

19.17.2. Create job

19.17.3. Save as draft

19.17.4. Feature job

19.17.5. Edit job

19.17.6. Delete job

19.17.7. Hide/unhide job

19.18. Cross-linking with Blogs, Forums,threads, events, blogs, Pages, Job directory, Business Directory Via integrated Hyperlinked Tabs

19.19. Supports 4 View types i.e. Grid View, Player View, Card View, Mini List View

20. Community Forums

20.1. View list of topics by category

20.1.1. View discussion in each topic View list of comments Comment Delete comment

20.2. Filter topics

20.2.1. By category

20.2.2. By user

20.2.3. Popular

20.2.4. Without response

20.2.5. New

20.2.6. Interests

20.2.7. Location

20.2.8. Fellow group members

20.3. Create topic

20.3.1. Add title

20.3.2. Add description

20.3.3. Choose category and subcategory

20.4. Add created topic to archive

20.5. Follow/unfollow topic

20.6. Supports 4 View types i.e. Grid View, Player View, Card View, Mini List View

21. Activity Feed

21.1. Create

21.1.1. Business page

21.1.2. Call to action

21.1.3. Casting call

21.1.4. Freelance gig

21.1.5. Job posting

21.1.6. Fundraiser

21.1.7. Studio listing

21.1.8. Survey

21.1.9. Design

21.1.10. Pledge campaign

21.1.11. Podcast track

21.1.12. Studio listing

21.1.13. Contest

21.1.14. Petition

21.1.15. Forum

21.1.16. Thread

21.1.17. Group

21.1.18. Event

21.1.19. Poll

21.2. View activities of other users

21.2.1. Business page

21.2.2. Call to action

21.2.3. Casting call

21.2.4. Freelance gig

21.2.5. Job posting

21.2.6. Fundraiser

21.2.7. Studio listing

21.2.8. Survey

21.2.9. Design

21.2.10. Check-ins

21.2.11. Pledge campaign

21.2.12. Podcast track

21.2.13. Studio listing

21.3. Sell Something

21.3.1. Create a Course

21.3.2. Sell a Gig

21.3.3. Sell a Product

21.3.4. Sell a Service

21.4. NSFW content

21.4.1. Specify age restcrictions for published content

21.4.2. Select shielding mechanism

21.4.3. View information about abusive language If user enter title of element with abusive language, he cannot publish element and views infromation about rules violation

21.5. Lock behind Paywall

21.6. Boast Post

21.7. Functional Elements

21.7.1. hashtags

21.7.2. Mentions

21.7.3. Check-in Select location for check-in

21.7.4. Emojis

21.8. Content View Filters

21.9. Post Privacy

21.10. View Toggles - Newest - Top - Hot ( Highest Engagement)

22. Community Critics

22.1. Create list of movies

22.2. Edit list of movies

22.3. Delete list of movies

22.4. Add/remove movie

22.5. Rate movie

22.6. Add/delete review about movie

22.7. Comment/delete comment

22.8. View list of movies of other users

22.9. Vote

22.10. Create TV Show List

22.11. Create Game List

22.12. Create experienece List

22.13. Quick Rate

22.14. Cross-linking with Blogs, Forums, Pages, Via integrated Hyperlinked Tabs

23. Community Music Player

23.1. Community Storefronts

23.1.1. Storefront ( 404 Page Not Found | SocialEngine Demo by SocialEngineAddOns Purchase View stores View list of questions added by buyers in Q&A section Add questions in Q&A section View list of wishlists of other users Follow/unfollow wishlist Request re-stock alert Purchase product (redirect to Stripe) Download sample/purchased item View list of downloads Rate store/product Add review about store/product Start chat with store View QR codes/cards/coupons Use card/QR/coupon View Auto GeoTag Tax calculator Quick compare View specs Shopping Cart Auto Designate localization of currency geo location. Auto Update on Plugins and digital assets notification from seller of purchased items Manage stores View list of my stores View list of products in each store Create store Edit informationand style Delete store Add products to store Edit information about product Mark as featured Mark as sponsored Mark product as highlighted Delete product Remove product from store Add tracking number Configure sales report Link/unlink store to other stores Use community ads Promote store View list of questions added by buyers in Q&A section Add response to buyer's question in Q&A section Chat with buyer Generate QR code/coupon/giftcard Manage shipping methods Manage sections Manage orders Manage payments Manage admins Manage notifications Apps Marketing

23.1.2. Classifieds - Based on - Classifieds Home | SocialEngine Demo by SocialEngineAddOns Sell products View list of my products Filter list of my products Create new product Add bundled product (to intangible products) Save as draft Publish (from saved as draft) Edit product Pin/unpin product Hide/unhide product Delete product Add to archive Mark as sponsored Mark as featured Purchase View products Purchase product

23.1.3. Supports 4 View types i.e. Grid View, Player View, Card View, Mini List View

23.1.4. Verify Storefront

23.2. View list of audio files and albums

23.2.1. Use audio player Change type of player Use embedding audio player

23.2.2. View lyrics for songs

23.2.3. View album categories

23.2.4. View ratings

23.2.5. View list of comments

23.2.6. View quantity of likes

23.2.7. View quantity of sharings

23.2.8. View picture of artist

23.3. Search for audio

23.4. Filter audio files

23.5. Purchase audio files

23.6. Listen to podcasts

23.7. Add audio to favourite/remove from favourite

23.8. Get sharable link

23.9. Share/repost audio

23.9.1. Share Now (Public) Share Share to your story Now Send as Message Share in a Group Share on a Friend's Timeline Share to a Page Share to a Forum Share to a Thread

23.10. Vote

23.11. Follow/unfollow artist

23.12. Like/cancel like (artist or album)

23.13. Comment/delete comment

23.14. Rate

23.15. Purshase audio/albums

23.16. View history of purchased audio/albums

23.17. Dhhfhff

23.18. Manage albums

23.18.1. View list of my audio files

23.18.2. Add audio file Choose genre and subgenre Dhhfjf Set up privacy settings Choose collection to add Bxbxbbcnc Add artist manually Add related information Edit information about audio file (title) Select quantity of songs Choose license type

23.18.3. Hdhdhfjf

23.18.4. Sell audio files

23.18.5. Paywall

23.18.6. Lock/unlock audio

23.19. Manage playlists/collections

23.19.1. View list of my playlists

23.19.2. Create playlist

23.19.3. Edit infromation about playlist

23.19.4. Add files to playlist

23.19.5. Remove files from playlist

23.19.6. Set up privacy settings

23.20. Podcast tracks

23.20.1. View

23.20.2. Search

23.20.3. Filter Filters Language Length Genre Type Release Date Artist Name Song Title

23.20.4. Listen to

23.20.5. Create

23.21. Auto processing of tracks

23.21.1. Auto generate unique track fingerprint code -

23.22. Embed Unique soundwave code

23.23. Third Party Side Link Sharing Embedding player into blogs / and other sharable sites

23.24. Audio Player

23.24.1. Format Player Full Width Miniature Condenced

23.24.2. Native Audio Equalizer

23.25. Comment

23.26. Listen Count ( views)

23.27. Create Albums / Collections

23.28. User defined Collections

23.29. Lyric / captioning file support

23.30. Supports 4 View types i.e. Grid View, Player View, Card View, Mini List View

23.31. Audio Licensing

23.32. Integration with Storefront embed audio files for sale.

23.33. Auto Audio Watermarking

24. Community Threads

24.1. My threads

24.1.1. Create thread

24.1.2. Attach file to thread

24.1.3. View list of my threads View my created thread Date posted View list of comments View votes

24.1.4. Edit thread

24.1.5. Delete thread

24.2. Users's threads

24.2.1. View list of threads User name Date posted View list of comments View votes View attachments

24.2.2. Vote

24.2.3. Share Share Now (Public) Share Share to your story Now Send as Message Share in a Group Share on a Friend's Timeline Share to a Page Share to a Forum Share to a Thread

24.2.4. Comment

24.2.5. Delete comment

24.2.6. Hide/unhide

24.2.7. Complain Choose reason of complain

24.2.8. Vote

24.3. Cross-linking with Blogs, Forums,threads, events, blogs, Pages, Job directory, Business Directory Via integrated Hyperlinked Tabs

24.4. Supports 4 View types i.e. Grid View, Player View, Card View, Mini List View

24.5. Post Topic Tags

25. Support

25.1. Based On - FAQ Home Page | SocialEngine Demo by SocialEngineAddOns

25.1.1. Support Forums View list of topics by category View discussion in each topic Filter topics By category By user Popular Without response New Interests Location Fellow group members Create topic Add title Add description Choose category and subcategory Add created topic to archive Follow/unfollow topic

25.1.2. FAQs View list of FAQs View each question and response Ask question Fill in form

25.1.3. Help center Fill in form of application and send message to email Title Contacts Issue description

25.1.4. Knowledge base View list of issue categories View list of issue subcategory in each category View list of articles View details of each article View list of connected articles Search for article By title By issue category By issue subcategory Filter articles By issue category By issue subcategory Share article Share Now (Public) Share Share to your story Now Send as Message Share in a Group Share on a Friend's Timeline Share to a Page Share to a Forum Share to a Thread Mark article as (not)useful

25.1.5. Help Topic Quick Search in header

25.1.6. Report a Problem

26. Community Channels

26.1. View list of channels

26.1.1. Trending Video Content - A/I Powered Channels Landing Page View details of each channel View title, category and description View list of videos

26.2. Search for channel

26.2.1. By title

26.2.2. By category

26.3. Filter channels

26.3.1. By category

26.3.2. By user

26.4. View channels blocked/deleted by admin

26.4.1. Blank form and reason why post was blocked/deleted

26.5. Manage channel

26.5.1. View list of my channels View details of each channel View title, category and description View list of videos

26.5.2. Create channel Assign Content I.D Add title Choose category Add description

26.5.3. Edit channel description

26.5.4. Add video From youtube Video processing Assign Content I.D From vimeo From dailymotion

26.5.5. Edit video description

26.5.6. Delete video

26.5.7. Delete channel

26.5.8. Delete comment

26.5.9. Flag comment as inappropriate

26.5.10. Include pop-up about paid promotion in video

26.5.11. Channel Standings - Strikes

26.5.12. Channel Monitization Channel Monetization Perameters Admin Definable

26.5.13. Advertisers / Partnerships Advertiser Inquiry Advertiser Inbox Registered Advertisers Advertiser communication

26.5.14. Linked Accounts

26.5.15. Add Annotations 1.Speech Bubbles Speech Bubbles: look like the dialogue box in a comic strip. There is a tail which you can adjust so it looks like one of the people in your video is saying what is written in the annotation. Speech bubbles are great for adding in funny comments. 2.Notes Notes: come in a limited selection of colors and can be adjusted to take up a maximum of 30% of your player screen. Sometimes you need a huge annotation to get an important point across, but using huge note annotations too often – especially near the beginnings of your videos – will annoy viewers. If you need a large note annotation make sure to place it later in your video, when a viewer will already be invested in what they are watching and less likely to click away. 3.Titles Titles: are large pieces of text that go either at the beginning of your video or in-between different topics within your video. YouTube’s titles are not very nice to look at, but they are a decent option if you do not have access to video editing software. 4.Spotlights Spotlights: have a subtle border and are completely clear inside. Your text only appears when a user hovers over the spotlight. Spotlights are great for turning elements within your video into links. 5.Labels Labels: are completely transparent, like spotlights, but the user does not have to hover over them for your text to be visible. 6.Pauses Pauses: are no longer available to add to your videos, although Pause Annotations added before they were removed still work. Pause Annotations used to stop your video for a set period of time when your annotation appeared. If somebody watches your video and gets to the end then that means they enjoyed it and will probably be open to checking out more of your content. Rather than hoping that your other videos show up in the ‘Suggested Videos’ YouTube will show after yours has finished playing you should always include an outro, or ending card, after your video to recommend your own work. Annotations are used in a lot of successful YouTuber’s ending cards. One form this takes is small Note annotations in the bottom corners of the screen, one linking to your previous video and one to the next. Sometimes your viewers might not necessarily get the most enjoyment out of your videos by watching them in order, though. Sometimes you want to link viewers to the videos that are most related to the one they just watched. The best outros also include a subscribe button, which can be created using annotations. These annotations work best when combined with a verbal call to action. Make sure your outro lasts long enough for people to make the decision to subscribe or click another video. No matter what kind of annotations you are using, you should never use more than two of them at a time anywhere except for your outro. You should also never place annotations at the very top of your screen, or in the middle at the bottom. If your video is embedding on a separate website then the player will cover annotations at the top of the screen, and ads might cover annotations placed in the bottom-middle of the screen. Keep in mind when using annotations that they will not be visible to users watching your videos on mobile devices. If mobile traffic is very important to you then consider using YouTube Cards.

26.5.16. Add Video Cards

26.5.17. Add Channel Members

26.5.18. Set Privacy Settings

26.5.19. Video Analytics Overview Reach Engagement Audiance

26.5.20. Manage Comments

26.5.21. Manage Transcription

26.5.22. Manage Video Monetization

26.5.23. Manage Audio Library

26.6. Filter videos

26.6.1. Date Uploaded Last Hour Today This Week This Month This Year

26.6.2. Type Video Channel Playlist Movie Show

26.6.3. Duration Short (<4 minutes) Long ( >20 Minutes)

26.6.4. Features Live 4K HD Subtitles / CC Creative Commons 360 VR180 3D HDR Location Paywall

26.6.5. Sort By Upload View Count Rating

26.7. Create playlist/collections

26.8. Add video without a channel

26.9. Change view mode

26.10. Boost video

26.11. View live comment stream

26.12. Set up password

26.13. Quick access ("My videos")

26.13.1. Videos added by me

26.13.2. My playlists

26.13.3. Videos added to favourites

26.13.4. Videos last watched

26.14. Manage playlists

26.14.1. View list of my playlists Title List of videos added

26.14.2. Create playlist Add title Choose video to add

26.14.3. Edit playlist Title Add video Remove video

26.14.4. Delete playlist

26.15. View live stream

26.16. Launch live stream

26.17. Vote for video

26.18. Cross-linking with Blogs, Forums,threads, events, blogs, Pages, Job directory, Business Directory Via integrated Hyperlinked Tabs

26.19. Verify Channel

26.20. Channel Score - System Measures Page Completion and overall performance with suggestions on how to improve reach -

26.21. Post Topic Tags

27. Community Ads

27.1. View ads on platform

27.1.1. View ad banners in feed

27.1.2. Hide/unhide ad banner

27.1.3. Banner in network section - Blog / Thread / Forum / Group / Page

27.1.4. Video and Audio Ads

27.2. My ads

27.2.1. View list of my ads purchased List of attributes: Title and description Start and end date Sum paid Ad type

27.2.2. Purchase ad Choose Ad Type Target Region Choose Ad Position Add title Set up parameters for target audience Ad type Choose ad period Pay for ad Add Type

27.2.3. Send request for ad approval

27.2.4. View published ad (after admin approval)

27.2.5. View statistics of each add purchased Quantity of clicks Quantity of hides Target audience parameters Gender Age Job field (role and specialization) Interests Location Skillsets Artist focus CTR Reach Views CPM Impressions Amount Spent Link Clicks CPC (Links) Cost Per Lead Click Through %

27.2.6. Embed HTML Iframe Instance into external site / blog or network feed -

27.2.7. Publish Ad Campaign

27.2.8. Ad Creation Tools Duration Add Text Select Ad Templates * Promote a product (6 seconds): Focus on a key product to generate interest and sales. * Sell multiple products (6 seconds): Show a selection of products, promote a special offer and drive sales. * Show product benefits (15 seconds): Highlight product features, use case studies or explain how a product works. * Drive product discovery (15 seconds): Bring your brand to life and share what makes your product unique. Select focus Approach Video Ad Stories Ad Group Ad Blog Ad Activity Ads

27.3. Ads vs Boasting

27.3.1. Ads are set focused targeting tools used and defined by a user's inputted telemetries they target direct groups of users for a set defined time period.

27.3.2. Boasts are indentical to Tinder's boasted profiles - they charge up by pushing channels, forums, pages, directory listings, groups, projects, profiles for a shorter more power exposure that does not last more an hour.

28. Notifications

28.1. Internal notifications

28.1.1. View list of my notifications Dates, status (seen/new), type of event and description Types of notifications: My posts (new likes, new comment) My blog (new like, new comment, new subscriber) My profile (new mention) New follower Acceptance of my following requests New invitation to event/group My groups (someone joined) Forum (new comment) New message in direct/common chat New award New earning New badge New endorsement (rating/review) New resume recommendation received New request for resume recommendation from other user New purchase of my collection Contest has ended New response to my thread Surveys has ended New order in store New update in store New follower in store New like in store Strikes Membership card is disabled New review of store New request for refund in store New message in chat with storefront Order cancellation in store New response to the boasted storefront ad via the integrated ads system. New question in store Claim again store Product is about expire New message in chat with store New streaming New job alert Update in monthly newsletter form Birthday reminder Event reminder New handshake Salutation notices Ad campaign is finished

28.1.2. View details of each notification

28.1.3. Edit notifications settings

28.2. Push notifications

28.2.1. View push notifications

28.2.2. Choose setting for push notifications

29. Network

29.1. Chats

29.1.1. Direct chat View list of my chats View details of chat (history of message) Write a message Create new chat by writing message to any user Choose chat from list of my chats and write a message Send files in chat Types of files: Limit of attached files is 10 Delete message Delete chat Smart Replies - Suggested instant replies

29.1.2. Common chat View list of my chats View details of chat Write a message Create new chat by writing message to any user Choose chat from list of my chats and write a message Send files in chat Types of files: Limit of attached files is 10 Delete message Delete chat Add participants Exclude participants

29.2. View list of my followers

29.2.1. View quantity of followers

29.3. View list of my subscribers

29.3.1. View quantity of subscribers

29.4. View list of users whom I follow

29.4.1. View quantity of users whom I follow

29.5. View list of people whom I subscribed

29.5.1. View quantity of users whom I subscribe

29.6. View list of my pledges

29.6.1. View quantity of my pledges

29.7. View quantity of likes

29.8. View list of my groups

29.9. Users

29.9.1. View list of users List attributes: User name Photo Role & specialization Quantity of followers Quantity of posts created by user Date last active

29.9.2. View recommended users profiles - based on matchings: Same location Same interests Same job field (role and specialization) Same workplace Same schools and universities attended People you may know

29.9.3. Search for users By name

29.9.4. View pofile of each user User name Photo Role & specialization Date of birth Location Posts and stories created Education Workplace Website List of albums Deatils of each album View list of comments to each album Comment albums (multi line comment) Delete comment List of users' pages Details of each page Following/subscribed Quantity and list of users Followers/subscribers/pledges Quantity and list of followers/subscribers/pledges Groups Quantity and list of groups Quantity of likes Social links Twitter Facebook Pinterest Vkontakte Linkedin Instagram Youtube Patreon Github Discord Twitch Dribble DiviantArt Vimeo Behance Tumblr Soundcloud Marital status (choose from the list) None Single In a relationship Married Engaged Divorced About user List of products placed on market Earned badges Rating View list of user's projects Level seller Certificates Awards Competencies Skills List of reviews Interest List of pledges

29.9.5. Follow/unfollow user

29.9.6. Like/cancel like for user's page

29.9.7. (Endorse) rate user

29.9.8. Give badge to user View list of badges Badge Types

29.9.9. Give award

29.9.10. Block user

29.9.11. Use handshake

29.9.12. Invite friends from other sourse Submit request to follow friends from other social network Invite from email list Invite from Outlook Invite from phone list Whatsapp Twitter Facebook Pinterest Linkedin Patreon Twitch

29.10. Sign up to monthly newsletter form

30. Community Events

30.1. View list of events

30.1.1. View details of each event Title Start and end dates Information about event Location Files added View users related to event Interested people (quantity and list of users) Participated people (quantity and list of users) Event host Price per ticket Category List of comments List of reviews Rating Sponsored/featured label

30.2. Select view mode

30.2.1. List

30.2.2. Grid

30.2.3. Map

30.2.4. Pinboard

30.3. View recommended events - based on matchings:

30.3.1. Job field (role and specialization)

30.3.2. Interests

30.4. Search for events

30.4.1. By tags

30.5. Filter events

30.5.1. Going

30.5.2. Invited

30.5.3. Interested

30.5.4. Created by me

30.5.5. By category

30.5.6. Fellow group members

30.5.7. Location

30.5.8. Interests

30.5.9. Free / Paid

30.6. Like event/cancel like

30.7. Choose action for event

30.7.1. Attending

30.7.2. Maybe Attending

30.7.3. Not Attending

30.7.4. Interested

30.7.5. Ignore

30.8. Participate in event

30.8.1. Buy a ticket User generates custom tickets Auto Generate Tickets via user event host dashboard - QR Code scannable tickets. Attendee purchases tickets via event page Embedded secure payment gateway

30.8.2. View ticket information Date Title Event host Brief description Number/code Image

30.9. Invite users to event

30.10. Leave event

30.11. Complain about event

30.11.1. Choose reason of complain from the list

30.12. View events blocked/ deleted by admin

30.12.1. Blank form and reason why post was blocked/deleted

30.13. View calendar with events

30.14. Comment/delete comment

30.15. Rate event

30.16. Send review about event

30.17. View events diary

30.17.1. History of events participated

30.17.2. Events to be participated in future

30.18. Add event to diary

30.19. Vote

30.20. Manage events

30.20.1. View list of my events created View details of each event

30.20.2. Create event Title Choose category Description Location Start and end dates Upload image for cover Select possible quantity of participants Select price for participation Select privacy settings Set as recurrent event Select dates when event recurs Tags Generate Virtual Tickets (QR Code Scannable) Choose Event viability Friends Public Closed Group Specific Members

30.20.3. View created event Quantity of participants Filter quantity of participants Attending Maybe Attending Not Attending Interested Ignored View list of posts created in event Title Description Location Start and end dates Upload image for cover Rating List of comments List of reviews Tags Share Event to External Sites List all events

30.20.4. Edit event Title Description Location Start and end dates Upload image for cover Category Possible quantity of participants Price for participation Select privacy settings Tags Delete Event

30.20.5. Invite users to event

30.20.6. Delete users from event

30.20.7. Create posts in event

30.20.8. Pin/unpin event

30.20.9. Delete event

30.20.10. Boost event Use internal wallet or redirected to Stripe

30.20.11. Mark event as featured

30.20.12. Mark event as sponsored

30.20.13. Ticket Sales Report - QR code processing / Reports on attendants and processed tickets

30.21. Supports 4 View types i.e. Grid View, Player View, Card View, Mini List View

30.22. Based - Events Home | SocialEngine Demo by SocialEngineAddOns

30.23. Auto Add Event to External Calendar

31. User Authentication

31.1. Choose your registration scenario

31.1.1. Register (simple scenario) Enter first name and last name Enter user name Enter email Enter password Confirm via email Pass captcha Enter gender Choose role Limit is five roles User can enter his/her own value manually if there is no any option corresponding to his type of job field in the list Choose specialization for each role User can enter his/her own value manually if there is no any option corresponding to his type of job field in the list Telephone Choose intersts Specify age over 18 under 18 Specify adult content View welcome video

31.1.2. Register (detailed scenario) Enter user name Enter email Enter password Confirm via email Fill in profile Enter First name and last name Enter gender Choose role Choose specialization for each role Add photo Choose interests Workplace Location (country and address) Add description about me Add education (schools/colleges/courses/unuiversities attended) Add website Marital status Social links Add albums Custom fields Specify age Specify adult content View welcome video Add certificates Add awards Add competencies View recommended items Users profiles - based on matchings: Groups - based on matchings: Events - based on matchings: Blogs - based on matchings: Games Forums Channels (audios and videos) Threads Business Pages Storefronts View Charlie's guides and questions for each step of registration View pop-up with citation at each step of registration Customize page view Upload image for backgroud Upload image for cover Take a guide on platform interface with Charlie Investigate content of profile menu Investigate content of community menu Set up quick action buttons Explore groups Customize page view Find users to follow Fill in wallet details

31.2. View & Accept Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

31.3. Log in

31.3.1. Sign In with Username or Phone number

31.3.2. View new greeting from platfom

31.4. Log out

31.5. Recover password

31.5.1. By email Password reset protocol Timed LInk Security OTP verification

32. Profile

32.1. View profile

32.1.1. User name

32.1.2. First name and last name

32.1.3. Gender

32.1.4. Photo

32.1.5. Role & specialisation Meta Tags Musician Graphic Designer Painter Filmmaker Director Producer Web Developer Illustrator Draftsman Producer Camera Operator Recordist Writer Researcher Computer Engineer Senior Developer Advertiser

32.1.6. Interests Meta Tags

32.1.7. Workplace Company name and link to website

32.1.8. Description of work experience

32.1.9. Location (country and address)

32.1.10. About me

32.1.11. Education List of schools/colleges/universities/courses with brief description Metatags ( Connections)

32.1.12. Website

32.1.13. Marital status

32.1.14. Social links Twitter Facebook Google Vkontakte Linkedin Instagram Youtube Patreon Vimeo Dribble Behance Twitch Pinterest Tumblr Snapchat Reddit IMDB

32.1.15. Current rating

32.1.16. Custom fields Movies Music Books TV shows Hobbies

32.1.17. Competencies Programs & Systems ( Meta Tags) Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premiere Pro Nuke Autodesk Maya Davinci Resolve Adobe Illustrator Adobe Lightroom Adobe InDesign Adobe After Effects Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Animate Adobe Character Animator Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Audition Adobe Fuse Adobe Prelude Wordpress PHP Javascript HTML 5 Vectr Inkscape Daz Studio Pixlr GIMP Autodesk Maya Corel Paintshop Pro Canva Autodesk Sketchbook piktochart Vengage Autodesk 3ds Max Cinema 4D SVG-edit Xara Designer Pro Photoscape Photoshop Elements Final Cut Pro X Filmora9 Key Competencies ( Meta Tags) Teamwork Responsibility Leadership Project Management Commercial Awareness Decision Making Communication Trustworthy Ethical Result Oriented Problem Solving Organized Reliable Stress Tolerance Organizing

32.1.18. Accomplishments Publications Patents Courses Projects Honors & Awards Test Scores Milestones

32.1.19. View list of reviews

32.1.20. Level seller

32.1.21. List of my completed projects

32.1.22. Quantity of views of my profile

32.1.23. Number of Pledges

32.1.24. Languages

32.1.25. Ethnicity

32.1.26. Email

32.1.27. Phone

32.1.28. Connections

32.1.29. Discord Server Link

32.1.30. Google Analytics API

32.1.31. Zapier App Integrations

32.2. Edit profile

32.2.1. User name

32.2.2. Email

32.2.3. Password

32.2.4. First and last name

32.2.5. Gender

32.2.6. Photo (upload/delete)

32.2.7. Role & specialization

32.2.8. Interests User can enter any interest (same as add tag)

32.2.9. Workplace Company name and link to website

32.2.10. Location (country and address)

32.2.11. About me

32.2.12. Education - CRUD View list of courses taken Add course (school, college etc.) Name Period (choose start and end month and year) Edit course Name Period (choose start and end month and year) Delete course

32.2.13. Website Add link

32.2.14. Marital status (choose from the list) None Single In a relationship Married Engaged

32.2.15. Social links Twitter Facebook Google Vkontakte Linkedin Instagram Youtube

32.2.16. Custom fields Movies Music Books TV shows Hobbies

32.2.17. Competencies

32.2.18. Awards

32.2.19. Certificates

32.2.20. Languages

32.2.21. Patents

32.2.22. Volunteer experience

32.2.23. Ethnicity

32.2.24. Phone Verify phone number

32.3. My favourites

32.3.1. View list of my favourites View details of each item added to favourite

32.3.2. Filter list of favourites By type

32.3.3. Add item to favourite Posts Events Products Articles Audio Channels Collections Galleries

32.3.4. Delete from favourites

32.3.5. Set up privacy settings for favourites

32.4. Set up settings

32.4.1. Privacy settings View list of privacy settings Who can follow me? Who can message me? Who can see my friends? Who can post on my timeline? Who can see my birthday? Show my activities? Confirm requests when someone follows you? Status Share my location with public? Allow search engines to search my profile and posts? Choose options for each setting from the list Edit chosen privacy settings

32.4.2. Newsfeed settings See more options Apps Projects Contests Courses Pledges Modify what you can see and from whom. Manage your snooze settings Restart, stop or add more time to your snoozes. Choose - Friends only Pages Only Groups Only Set specific pages, groups, or people to snooze for a period of 10 days 30 days 1 year Forever So that specific content does not show up on a person's newsfeed.

32.4.3. Timezone setting

32.4.4. Account Settings General Display Name Mature Content Settings Notifications Email Addresses Two Factor Authentication Email Notifications Passwords Networks Subscriptions Billing Jury Duty Reported Media Blocked Members / Channels

32.5. Customize page view

32.5.1. Move widgets on the screen

32.5.2. Set up quick action buttons

32.5.3. Set up page design Upload image for backgroud Upload image for cover Delete image for background Delete image for cover

32.5.4. Switch on/switch off dark mode

32.5.5. Add/remove quick action buttons

32.5.6. Choose profile template

32.6. Albums - CRUD

32.6.1. View list of my albums View each album

32.6.2. Create album Enter title Upload images Upload videos

32.6.3. Edit album Add image/video Delete image/video Edit title

32.6.4. View list of comments to each album User name, date, text

32.6.5. Comment albums (multi line comment)

32.6.6. Delete comment

32.6.7. Disable comment to each album

32.6.8. Delete album

32.6.9. Add to archive

32.6.10. Earn points

32.6.11. Boost content

32.6.12. Privacy Everyone Friends Me Only NSFW Filter Mature Content

32.7. Pages - CRUD

32.7.1. View list of my pages Title, date created, category

32.7.2. Create page Enter title Choose category from the list Add link to website Enter page description

32.7.3. View details of each page created Title Date created Category Link Description Offers

32.7.4. Edit page Title Category Link Description

32.7.5. Delete page

32.7.6. Add to archive

32.7.7. Merge pages

32.8. View list of archived items

32.9. Filter list of archived items

32.10. Create custom URL

32.11. View my profile as page visitor

32.12. View profile completeness

32.13. View suggestions to complete profile description

32.14. Verify profile

32.14.1. For authentication of business account and pro user I.D upload Passport Upload

32.15. My files

32.15.1. Create folder

32.15.2. View list of my folders

32.15.3. Delete folder

32.15.4. Edit folder

32.15.5. Set up privacy setting for folders

32.15.6. View list of my files added

32.15.7. Filter files By type

32.15.8. Search for a file

32.15.9. Add file

32.15.10. Delete file

32.15.11. File Hub Transfer via email Transfer via User Name Choose package Free 4 GB Transfer 5 USD Per month 10 GB Transfers 10 USD per month 20 GB Transfers Generate Unique Link to download files Generate Unique QR Code to download files 48 Hours files kept on Server before auto deletion. Native Convert File Formats -

32.15.12. Filters - Date added Type Title Search

32.16. Profile badges

32.16.1. View list of my profile badges

32.16.2. Filter badges Types of Badges Contribution Responses Service Success Completion Engagement

32.16.3. Receive badge when profile is fully completed

32.17. Resume Directory

32.17.1. Resume panel View list of users' resumes View detail of each resume Add resume to favourite Give recommendation to other's user resume Export resume to document format Share resume Endorse other user's resume Rate Review

32.17.2. My resume Create resume View list of templates to use Add general information Add photo Add work experience description Add information about education Specify certificates Choose languages and its reference level Add skills Add projects Add awards Add publications Add contacts Choose view setting Interests Competencies View my resume Edit my resume Hide/unhide sections in resume Select privacy settings Change template (for fee) General information Photo Work experience description Information about education Certificates Languages and its reference level Skills Projects Awards Publications Contacts Interests Competencies Delete my resume Manage recommendations View recommendations Delete recommendation Edit given recommendation Ask user to give recommendation Import resume from Linkedin View list of resume views View list of reviews Export resume to document format Share resume My resume verification Add to archive

32.18. Wallet (internal currency)

32.18.1. View my current balance (internal currency and real currency)

32.18.2. View history of transactions List attributes: Date Type of transaction (earning/transferring to card) Amount (internal and real currency) Source of earning

32.18.3. Filter history of transactions By type By date By source of earnings

32.18.4. View list of cards linked to wallet

32.18.5. Add card

32.18.6. Edit card

32.18.7. Delete card

32.18.8. View terms of convertion and transfers

32.18.9. Pay out

32.18.10. Refill wallet from selected card

32.19. Membership card

32.19.1. Customize card design

32.19.2. View card information First and last name Date joined ID QR code Type of profile Member level Logo Label Title My photo Profile fields

32.19.3. Edit card information

32.19.4. Print card

32.20. Manage linked accounts

32.20.1. View list of my social accounts linked to platform

32.20.2. Add social account

32.20.3. Remove social account

32.20.4. View feed from linked accounts

32.21. Manage sessions

32.21.1. View list of sessions

32.21.2. Adjust sessions

32.22. Weather

32.22.1. View weather for my location

32.22.2. Search for weather in other locations

32.23. My handshakes

32.24. Choose feeling activitty

32.25. View trending content

32.26. My Settings

32.27. My Media

32.27.1. My Pages

32.27.2. My Videos

32.27.3. My Photos

32.27.4. My Designs

32.27.5. My Files

32.28. My Gear

32.28.1. Connect your gear Based on model Connect with Social Accounts

32.28.2. Find other artists gear

32.28.3. Categories Defined Categories like -

32.28.4. Top Creators Top Engagements - Like -

32.28.5. Search Creator or Gear

32.28.6. Utilize Genius Link

32.29. My Friends

32.30. Schedule Posts

32.31. Preferred - Suggested - Interests - Toggles

32.32. Talent Card

32.32.1. Headshot IMDB Credits Portfolio Generation

33. Community Blogs

33.1. Set up feed view

33.1.1. View cards with interests

33.1.2. Choose interests

33.1.3. Change interests

33.1.4. View feed based on interests

33.1.5. View list of recommended blog

33.2. Blog

33.2.1. View list of blogs View details of each blog Title Date created Author Profile image Category Quantity of subscribers Description List of articles

33.2.2. Search for blog By title By category By ownership Blogs created by all users Blog created by my followers

33.2.3. Filter blogs Top New Most viewed Most commented

33.2.4. Choose to receive notifications on new post in specific blog

33.2.5. Subscribe/unsubscribe

33.2.6. View list of top bloggers

33.2.7. Manage blog View list of my blogs View details of my blog Create blog Add title Add description Upload image Choose category Customize blog view Edit blog information Title Description Image Category Delete blog

33.3. Posts

33.3.1. View list of posts List attributes: User name/group title Date Post content The latest comments Quantity of likes Quantity of sharings

33.3.2. Filter posts By post type Image Audio Video Location Poll All posts/popular posts

33.3.3. Search for posts By text

33.3.4. Like post/cancel like

33.3.5. View list of comments to each post

33.3.6. Comment posts (multi line comment)

33.3.7. Delete comment

33.3.8. Share post External sharing Internal sharing Share Now (Public) Share Share to your story Now Send as Message Share in a Group Share on a Friend's Timeline Share to a Page Share to a Forum Share to a Thread

33.3.9. Hide post

33.3.10. Complain about post Choose reason of complain from the list

33.3.11. View posts deleted by admin Blank form and reason why post was deleted

33.3.12. Choose view mode

33.3.13. Vote

33.3.14. Vote in poll

33.3.15. Manage posts View list of my posts Text Date Files attached/poll List of comments Quantity of likes Quantity of sharings Quantity of views View posts deleted by admin Reason why post was deleted Create post Type text Upload files Select time and date for post Add tags Add poll Mention event/user Add list Add emoji Add link Add chek-in Edit post Upload files Remove files Edit text Add/remove tags Add/remove poll Add/remove sticker Add/remove list Add/remove emoji Pin/unpin post Disable comments to post Delete post Boost post Use internal wallet or redirected to Stripe Select privacy settings For views For comments Import post from external sources: WordPress Blogger Tumblr URL Mention user Share location Block post Go live

33.4. Stories

33.4.1. View list of stories created within 24h

33.4.2. View each story

33.4.3. Complain about story Choose reason of complain from the list

33.4.4. Publish Stories View list my stories (created within last 24h) View each story Add story Delete story View stories deleted by admin Blank form and reason why story was deleted (within 24h)

33.5. Surveys

33.5.1. View list of surveys

33.5.2. Hide/unhide

33.5.3. Comment

33.5.4. Delete comment

33.5.5. View list of comments

33.5.6. Respond

33.5.7. View quantity of reponses for each variant

33.5.8. Manage surveys View list of my surveys View details of each survey Create survey Add title Add variants Add end date Add tags Delete survey

33.6. Cross-linking with Blogs, Forums,threads, events, blogs, Pages, Job directory, Business Directory Via integrated Hyperlinked Tabs

33.7. Supports 4 View types i.e. Grid View, Player View, Card View, Mini List View

34. New

34.1. Articles

34.1.1. View list of articles View details of each article Title Date created Blog name Author Text Images attached Quantity of likes Quantity of sharings Category Tags

34.1.2. Search for an article By title By category

34.1.3. Filter articles By date By category

34.1.4. Like/cancel like

34.1.5. Share Share Now (Public) Share Share to your story Now Send as Message Share in a Group Share on a Friend's Timeline Share to a Page Share to a Forum Share to a Thread

34.1.6. Hide/unhide

34.1.7. View list of comments

34.1.8. Comment (multi line)

34.1.9. Delete comment

34.1.10. Vote

34.2. Manage articles

34.2.1. Create article Add title Tape text Upload images Choose category Add tags Save as draft

34.2.2. Edit article Title Text Images (upload/remove) Category Tags

34.2.3. View details of each article created Title Date created Blog name Text Images attached Quantity of likes Quantity of sharings Category Tags

34.2.4. Delete article

34.2.5. Boost article Use internal wallet or rdeirected to Stripe

34.2.6. Select time and date to post

34.3. Supports 4 View types i.e. Grid View, Player View, Card View, Mini List View

35. Hdhfjfjjfjfjfjjfjfjjfjfjfn

35.1. View list of groups

35.1.1. View details of each group Title Date created Category Participants Creator Description Files Audio Video Photo albums Documents Posts

35.2. View recommended groups - based on matchings:

35.2.1. Job field (role and specialization)

35.2.2. Interests

35.3. Filter groups

35.3.1. Created by me/other users

35.3.2. Location

35.3.3. Category

35.3.4. Interests

35.3.5. Fellow group members

35.4. Search for groups

35.5. Create posts in group

35.5.1. User can select time and date for post

35.6. Join group

35.7. Complain about group

35.7.1. Choose reason of complain from the list

35.8. Leave group

35.9. View groups blocked/deleted by admin

35.9.1. Blank form and reason why post was bloced/deleted

35.10. View list of events

35.11. View list of forum discussions

35.12. View list of topics

35.13. Create topic

35.14. Comment topic/delete comment

35.15. View list of offers

35.16. View list of sales

35.17. View list of reviews

35.18. Add review/delete review

35.19. Chat with group

35.20. Manage groups

35.20.1. Create group Title Description Choose privace settings Choose category

35.20.2. View information and materials of group

35.20.3. Edit title and description

35.20.4. Upload/delete files Images Audio Video Documents

35.20.5. Posts - CRUD

35.20.6. Albums - CRUD

35.20.7. View list of created posts

35.20.8. View list of participants

35.20.9. Delete group

35.20.10. Invite users to group

35.20.11. Delete users from group

35.20.12. Confirm/deny users joining the group

35.20.13. Link/unlink event

35.20.14. Link/unlink forum discussion

35.20.15. Create/delete topic

35.20.16. Create job posting

35.20.17. Manage group settings

35.20.18. Manage sales

35.20.19. Manage chats

35.20.20. Select preferred audience

35.20.21. Feature group

35.21. Supports 4 View types i.e. Grid View, Player View, Card View, Mini List View

35.22. Based on - Groups Home | SocialEngine Demo by SocialEngineAddOns

35.23. Post Topic Tags

35.24. Set Group Join Questionnaire / Group Admin Approval process like Facebook

35.25. Cross Link Multiple groups owned by single user like Facebook

35.26. Admin Pending Post Approvals

35.27. Group Admin Defined Tabs - Events /

35.28. Group Search

35.28.1. Post Phrase

35.28.2. Publish Date

35.28.3. Author of post

35.29. Group Info -

35.30. Top Recent Posts

35.31. Set Group Type

35.31.1. Closed

35.31.2. Public

35.32. Group Admin defined questionnaire

35.32.1. Group Admin will verify user authentication to combat spamming of advertisers

35.33. Set Group Visibility

35.34. Pin to Quick Access button - ( Shortcuts)

35.35. Invite Friends and other members to group

35.36. Suggested Groups based on user focus & Friend's list

35.37. Post Categorization

35.38. Embed Invite button HTML to external sites

35.39. Email Invite link

35.40. Activity Widget

35.40.1. Total Joined Members

35.40.2. Posts today

35.40.3. Date Created

35.41. Group Admin Defined Rules

35.42. Cross Integration with Multiple Admin owned Blogs / Pages / Groups

35.43. Group Badges (only available to groups with 50+ Members)

35.43.1. Admin Badge

35.43.2. Founding Member of Group

35.43.3. Consistant Contributor of Group

35.43.4. A conversation Starter

35.43.5. Regular Poster

35.44. H2 headers as well bold, italic, and bulleted text in Group posts

35.45. Group Insights

35.46. Group Admin Defined Rules

35.47. Activity Log Filters

35.48. Group Subscriptions ( Admin Defined) Monthly / Yearly group admin defined payments via credits to join a group

35.49. Crellective Pages in Crellective Groups

35.49.1. Admin configurable Pages can post groups and vice/versa

35.50. Admin / Team Members Contributors

35.51. Group Detachment from Primary User Account and phased into public page

35.52. Group Branding ( Collaboration Tools)

35.53. Admin defined Rule Violation

35.54. Group Mentorship -

35.54.1. Member of group can apply as either Mentor or Mentoree

36. User Collections

36.1. My collections

36.1.1. Create collection

36.1.2. View list of my collections View details of each collection

36.1.3. Edit collection

36.1.4. Delete collection

36.1.5. Select privacy settings

36.1.6. Add to archive

36.2. Collections

36.2.1. View list of collections View details of each collection

36.2.2. Filter collections

36.2.3. Search for collection

36.2.4. Add to favourite

36.2.5. Comment

36.2.6. Delete comment

36.2.7. Like/cancel like

36.2.8. Purchase collection

36.2.9. Vote

36.3. Supports 4 View types i.e. Grid View, Player View, Card View, Mini List View

37. Community Projects

37.1. View list of my projects

37.1.1. View details of each project

37.2. Create project

37.2.1. Add milestones

37.3. Change status of each milestone

37.4. Change status of project

37.5. Delete milestone

37.6. Edit project

37.7. Delete project

37.8. Filter my projects

37.8.1. New

37.8.2. In process

37.8.3. On hold

37.8.4. Completed

37.9. View Geo-clock helper

37.9.1. View list of upcoming due dates

37.9.2. View list of updates in project

37.10. View reviews about my projects

37.11. Cross-linking with Blogs, Forums,threads, events, blogs, Pages, Job directory, Business Directory Via integrated Hyperlinked Tabs

37.12. Supports 4 View types i.e. Grid View, Player View, Card View, Mini List View

38. Crellective Articles

38.1. News Articles

38.1.1. View list of news Title Image Summary (pop-up) Category

38.1.2. View details of each news Read full content Click through the link List of comments

38.1.3. Comment/delete comments

38.1.4. Filter news by categories Recent Most liked Featured Latest Most commented Category Portfolio category Format Tags Reviews

38.1.5. Search for news By Ajax category By start and end date By title By Publisher

38.1.6. Add to favourite

38.1.7. Delete from favourite

38.1.8. Share news On platform On other social networks

38.1.9. Print news

38.1.10. Vote

38.1.11. Article SEO meta tags

38.1.12. Breaking News Scroll Bar

38.1.13. Trending Publications

38.1.14. External Site Sharing - Cross platform Credit Promotion system

38.2. RSS management

38.2.1. Manage feed Search for RSS feeds Edit RSS feeds View list of my RSS subscription Delete RSS feed Activate/disactivate RSS feed Approve/deny RSS feeds Add feed Feed title URL Tags Logo Category (choose from list of available categories) Select display parameters Get full feed content Set number for limited displayed characters Portfolio category Format Remove news Get data from selected news

38.2.2. Manage news Add news Title Photo for thumbnail Original link Category (choose from list of available categories) Choose provider (feed) Fill in content (copy and paste) Set/unset news as featured Edit news Delete news Activate/disactivate RSS news Approve/deny RSS news

38.2.3. Contributor Approval Apply for news management Publication Management View status of approval

38.3. Cross-linking with Blogs, Forums,threads, events, blogs, Pages, Job directory, Business Directory Via integrated Hyperlinked Tabs

38.4. Supports 4 View types i.e. Grid View, Player View, Card View, Mini List View

38.5. Based on - News Home Page | SocialEngine Demo by SocialEngineAddOns

38.6. Post Topic Tags

39. Charlie notifications

39.1. Manage notifications

39.1.1. Turn on/turn off

39.2. View pop-ups with Charlie notifications

39.2.1. Security Breaches

39.2.2. Account activity

39.2.3. Missing information reminders

39.2.4. Upcoming deadlines

39.2.5. Upcoming events tailored to a user's specific group or interest

39.2.6. Overdue projects

39.2.7. New payments received

39.2.8. New Items listed

39.2.9. New like

39.2.10. New sharing

39.2.11. New follower/approval of following request

39.2.12. New listing approval

39.2.13. Copyright strike

39.2.14. New resume checking

39.2.15. Shopping cart is full

39.2.16. Your page could perform better

39.2.17. New group activity

39.2.18. New forum activity

39.2.19. Increase page engagement

39.2.20. Provide feedback on your course quality

39.2.21. Provide feedback on your gig quality

39.2.22. Help you develop better engagements with clients

39.2.23. Help Increase your business page engagements

39.2.24. Help manage multiple orders and items in your storefront

39.2.25. Suggest better photos for items in your storefront

39.2.26. Help follow up project lead status

39.2.27. Place deposits

39.2.28. Invoices in your account

39.2.29. Payouts are near

39.2.30. Payments successfully collected

39.2.31. Suggest interest groups, forums, blogs, and helps you engage

39.2.32. Birthday reminder

39.2.33. Event reminder

39.2.34. Salutaion notices

39.3. Hide/unhide pop-up

39.4. Mark pop-up as viewed

40. Analytics&Reports

40.1. Crellective Financial Dashboard

40.1.1. Configure user account report Choose parameters

40.1.2. Configure financial report

40.2. View analytics about each activity

40.2.1. View information about subscriptions

40.2.2. View information about coupons

40.2.3. View information about business page

40.2.4. View information about job listing

40.2.5. View infromation about pages

40.2.6. View information about resume

40.2.7. View information about Crellective credits

40.2.8. View infromation about events

40.2.9. View information about affiliates

40.2.10. View information about storefront

40.2.11. View information about freelance market

40.2.12. View information about work bench

40.2.13. View information about Collab

40.2.14. View information about Courses

40.2.15. View information about design

40.2.16. View information about donations

40.3. View statistics

40.3.1. View list of analytics criteria

40.3.2. View analytics data for default period

40.3.3. Filter data By period By criterion

40.3.4. Export report PDF Excel

40.4. Target Specific Analytics

40.4.1. Your biggest audience / reaction is from Location Time Age Group Specialization Similar stats

40.4.2. Date / window

40.4.3. Highest to lowest comparison

40.4.4. Actionable items results

40.5. Direct link to - Creator's Station - Advertising experts - how better to reach your audiance.

41. Community Games

41.1. View list of games

41.1.1. View details of each game

41.2. View list of categories

41.3. Filter games

41.3.1. Favourite

41.3.2. Featured

41.3.3. New

41.3.4. By category

41.4. Search for game

41.4.1. By title

41.5. Add game to favourite/remove from favourite

41.6. Play random game

41.7. Play chosen game

41.8. Like/cancel like

41.9. Comment/delete comment

41.10. Share

41.10.1. Share Now (Public) Share Share to your story Now Send as Message Share in a Group Share on a Friend's Timeline Share to a Page Share to a Forum Share to a Thread

41.11. Rate game

41.12. View history of played games

41.13. Supports 4 View types i.e. Grid View, Player View, Card View, Mini List View

42. Live Network Watch Tab

42.1. Choose TV channel

42.2. Watch TV channel

42.2.1. Pay or use free

42.3. Create TV channel

42.4. Synced Live Channels from Users

42.5. Supports 4 View types i.e. Grid View, Player View, Card View, Mini List View

42.6. Showcase Galleries Hi-end art showcase

42.6.1. My galleries Create gallery Add title Choose category Add images Add brief description User Defined Filters View list of my galleries View my details of my gallery Select privacy settings Edit gallery Remove/add images Title Description Delete gallery Add to archive

42.6.2. Galleries View list of galleries created by users View details of each gallery Search for gallery Filter galleries Like/cancel like Comment Delete comment Add to favourite Vote

42.6.3. Cross-linking with Blogs, Forums,threads, events, blogs, Pages, Job directory, Business Directory Via integrated Hyperlinked Tabs

42.6.4. Supports 4 View types i.e. Grid View, Player View, Card View, Mini List View

43. Menu

43.1. View main page

43.1.1. View content about platform Cutom Forms Affiliate Program Advertise with Us Newsroom Blog Articles ( Like Facebook) Careers Portal

43.1.2. View quick links

43.1.3. View information about community

43.1.4. View information about technical support

43.1.5. View network links

43.2. View infromation about keyboard shortcuts

43.3. Use keyboard shortcuts for quick access

43.4. Set up settings for feed view

43.4.1. Prioritize whom you see first:

43.4.2. Unfollow people and groups to hide their posts

43.4.3. Reconnect with people and groups you unfollowed

43.4.4. Manage your snooze settings

43.4.5. See more options

43.5. Experience user tour

43.6. Create Button

43.6.1. User Defined quick launch Buttons

44. Community Pages

44.1. Create Page

44.1.1. Name Your Page Interests ( Meta Tags) Choose Page Type

44.2. Merge Multiple Pages

44.3. Delete Page

44.4. Set Page editors / Moderators and admins

44.5. Page Analytics

44.5.1. Analytics - Engagements - Re-Shares - Likes - Comments - Replies

44.6. Cross-linking with Blogs, Forums,threads, events, blogs, Pages, Job directory, Business Directory Via integrated Hyperlinked Tabs

44.7. Verify Page

44.8. Page Score - System Measures Page Completion and overall performance with suggestions on how to improve reach -

44.9. Post Topic Tags

45. Portals

45.1. Contributor Portal

45.1.1. Required data centric telemetry - Crellective Final Development

45.2. Affiliate Portal

45.3. Monitor Portal

45.4. Careers Portal

45.5. Localization

45.6. Developer Portal

45.7. Copyright Claim Portal

46. User Jury Duty

46.1. Flagged Post

46.1.1. Admin Review Assign Tally Code to incident Three members chosen and notified via dashboard and notices. - Review

47. Content Tokenization ( Fluid Design Concept)

47.1. Set telemetry action to specific token amount (Admin configurable)

47.1.1. User actions When a User Posts post a link Post a song Post a video Post a photo Post a design Post a forum Post a Job Entry When a User Interacts Shares Likes Subscribers Reminds Reviews Upvotes Check-ins Follow Engagements Comments Content Upload Business Review Service Review Podcasts Listened Photos Tagged videos watched Referrals Business Endorsement Skill Endorsement Content shared Externally Engagements User Creations Create Blog Create Event Create a course Create Job Create Marketplace Listing Create Discount Coupon Create a resume Create a Business Page Create Storefront Create Forums Create Ad Campaign Create a Gig Create Studio Listing Create A Project Fundraiser Create a Writer's Room Post Create an Affiliate link Create a Gear collection Create a Group Provide Feedback Create a design Task Completions Complete a sale Complete a course Complete a Gig Complete a comissioned work Complete there Profile Complete there Business Profile Complete there reume Complete there Jury Duty Complete a sale Complete a bug report Complete a Studio Listing Complete a full Critic Review Complete a service ticket Get a project awarded

47.1.2. Contributor Actions Posts an approved article Broadcasts an approved article Drives traffic to their published content

47.1.3. Monitor Actions Sucessfully flags predefined number of content Resolves user claim Completes user raised support ticket

47.2. Referrals

47.2.1. Number of times your link has been clicked.

47.2.2. People who have signed up using your link.

47.2.3. Amount that will be applied to your account balance.

47.2.4. Amount that has already been applied to your account.

47.3. Audio / Video Player Embedding into third party HTML code. via Iframe

47.4. Network Score

47.5. OffChain Address

47.6. Sample - Credit measure Rubic

48. App Extensions

48.1. App approval and vetting

48.1.1. Review Process for app launching onto Crellective App store

48.2. Native Integrated Apps

48.3. App Store

48.3.1. Register to sell opensource apps Quick Sections Discover Create Work Play Develop Updates App Search Window Categories Business Entertainment Graphics & Design Medical Photography Social Networking Utilities Finance Health & Fitness Music Productivity Sports Video Education Games Lifestyle News Reference Travel Weather Developer Tools Filter Highest Rated Most Popular Crellective's Choice Free Paid

49. Social Connect RSS Feed

49.1. RSS Striped reading of all linked social accounts to CRUD aggrogate


50. Mobile App

50.1. Mobile App QR Code Reader

50.2. NFC Payments Crellective Credits

51. Security Systems

51.1. Systems that protect against DDOS Attacks

51.2. Systems that protect against content Throttling (Auto Messaging , auto video player)

51.2.1. Follow youtube's measures if the player is not clicked on or no keyboard strikes are sensed the video will stop and request that the viewer click continue.

51.3. SSL Wildcard Certificates

51.4. Server protection systems

51.5. Malware Attacks Systems

51.6. User Data / Encryption

51.7. Brute Force Mitigation Systems

51.8. Member Two Factor Authentication

51.9. Spyware and Anti Virus mitigation systems

52. Global Search Function

52.1. Sections of Network

52.1.1. Channels

52.1.2. Blogs

52.1.3. Businesses

52.1.4. Courses

52.1.5. Forums

52.1.6. Threads

52.1.7. People

52.1.8. Videos

52.1.9. Storefronts

52.1.10. Events

52.1.11. Pages

52.1.12. Groups

52.1.13. Galleries

52.1.14. Posts

52.1.15. Photos

52.1.16. Apps

52.1.17. Designs

52.2. Filters

52.2.1. Posts From

52.2.2. Posts Type

52.2.3. Date Posted

52.2.4. Contains

53. Crellective Commission overview

53.1. Percentage based on successful transactions

53.1.1. Every ticket sold 1 % total listed price charged to event organizer

53.1.2. Every storefront transaction 1% total listed price charged to buyer

53.1.3. Every Job completed 1% total listed price charged to Customer gig marketplace

53.1.4. 1% of total listed price Launch project raised through crowdfunding charged to project owner

53.1.5. 1% of total listed price every pledge member charged to subscriber of talent Stripe Transaction Fees of 2.9% + 30 cents plus state, local, federal taxes to be paid to - by the customer.

53.1.6. 1% of total listed price every purchased course posted charged to student

53.1.7. Every studio listed 1% of total listed price charged to lister

53.1.8. 1% of total price agreed on every commissioned work in gallery by artist

53.1.9. 1% charged to every successfully published book or article on writer charged to the publishing agent.

53.1.10. Ad period specific reach, impressions, demographics charged to the initiator of the ad.

53.1.11. 1% charged to purchaser of successfully audio hub listing track and license.

53.2. Allow system for future admin alterations on respective element percentage adjustment as laws, requirements and costs may change.

54. Technologies

54.1. Blockchain

54.2. Stripe - Coinbase

54.2.1. OAuth2 application

54.2.2. Accept Bitcoin Payments within Minutes | Coinbase Commerce

54.3. Bitcoin

54.4. Stripe

54.5. Paypal

54.6. Two Factor Authentication

54.7. PHP

54.8. MySQL

55. Boast Console

55.1. Boasts are short term pushes towards front page content, highest rated videos, elements, content. They only last for a period of 3 hours (non-targetable) Short term

56. Centralization Design Ethos - Admin Dashboard / User Dashboard / Feature Dashboard