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Production by Mind Map: Production

1. an activity through which resources are transformed into goods an services.

1.1. It could be divided into primary, secondary and tertiary production

2. Primary

2.1. extract or directly use the resources provide by the nature

2.1.1. e.g. agriculture, fisheries, mining and quarrying

2.2. -work is hard

2.3. -income is low

2.4. HK has very few natural resources

2.5. Urban development> many agricultural lands become industrial and commercial land

3. Secondary

3.1. turn materials into semi-finished or finished products

3.1.1. e.g. manufacturing, construction, supply of electricity, gas and water

3.2. production cost is rising

3.3. many factories have been moved to the mainland or other countries

3.3.1. the rents and wages are lower there

4. Tertiary

4.1. provide services

4.1.1. financing and insurance, real estate, professional and business services

4.2. policies> financial centre, attractive tourist destination

4.3. Mainland: Open Door policy+economic reforms> business opportunities of service providers

4.4. financial link strengthened : increasing cross-boundary economic activities

4.4.1. largest offshore RMB investment product market Global investor can access the mainland A share Hong Kong Stock Exchange websites, related documents, news report Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect

5. Hong Kong is a global centre for world trade, finance, business and telecommunications