Planning A Presentation:

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Planning A Presentation: by Mind Map: Planning A Presentation:

1. Audience

1.1. CD Projekt Red

1.2. CD PROJEKT RED - The industry leader in creating role-playing games.

2. What is important?

2.1. "As a studio, we have one mission: making the best video games on the planet." - Our Mission - CD PROJEKT RED

2.1.1. What are their needs?

2.1.2. They are looking for like minded people who would rather make amazing games than boat loads of money.

2.1.3. How can i fix this need?

2.1.4. My big idea pitch will help them realize I am just the type of person they need and want at their studio. In Resonate Nancy Duarte reminds us that the audience is the hero not us. Although I may feel like the answer to their problems, I know i am just providing them with the sword they need to defeat the dragon not the other way around.

3. Big Idea

3.1. Mental health in video games. This is a subject that I feel should in more video games, not many studios shed light on the struggle of others in their work.

3.2. What are you offering the audience and what do you want them to take away from the presentation?

3.3. I'm offering a new perspective, a chance to introduce new mechanics into games no one thinks about. I want to make art work and a completely different atmosphere of gaming that will blow players of of the water.

4. Program Research

4.1. Courses : Game Art

4.2. Using your future courses as a guide, consider how the skills from these classes allow you to help your audience.

4.3. Looking through the course descriptions, I can use the skills I will learn to make character art, animate, and design levels. By learning these I can implement them into my game about mental health to make the frame work in order to make a more convincing pitch for a job.

5. What will your S.T.A.R. moment be?

5.1. I want my star moment to be in the early to middle stages of my presentation, it has to get everyone's attention and everyone will be expecting it so how do I still surprise the audience? I want to be able to create some sort of audience participation. Give the audience a choice between two outcomes (one of which everyone will pick.) to start off simple and give the audience a sense of comfort. Making them think they know which answer to pick before even knowing the question. Then display on a slide three people all of which has a brief background about where their from, what illness they have, and how much money they have. The audience will have a choice of who they think the common person would rather play a video game based off, this is where I bring in the heavy hitting portion of my presentation.

6. Beginning (What is):

6.1. Who are you and why are you on this current path?

6.2. My name is Ross I'm outgoing, fun loving, and most importantly I'm a gamer. I have had many trials in my life due to my mental illness'. I want to be able to share these experiences with you, by creating video games that capture mine and others way of life so the average person may understand.

6.3. What drew you to this audience? How does your story align with theirs?

6.4. For five years now I have wanted to work at CD Projekt Red, the studio and games they have built are not only breath taking but they stand for something. "We want to tell breathtaking, mature stories to global audiences, without losing the attention to detail that has made us who we are today." - Our Mission (CDPR's website) This quote from CDPR's mission statement alone makes me want to work for them. Their company is a dying breed of game studios who make games to be enjoyed rather than just be another cash grab, that is why I want to be a part of their team. Some may call me privileged, but I just want to use what was given to me to make entertainment for others so life can be just a little bit better.

7. Middle (What could be)

7.1. Explain to the audience how these projects and experiences demonstrate your personal brand and abilities

7.2. By completing my tuition at full sail I will be prepared to make the games of my dreams. My experience with model creation will allow me to make characters who stand out from the average first person npc while my time spent building levels will allow me to make game worlds that change the way we play video games.

8. End (Call to action):

8.1. What are you asking the audience to do?

8.2. I am asking my audience to open their hearts and minds to other's perspectives. I want them to see my idea as a exciting learning experience not another sloppy bug ridden game.

8.3. Explain how your audience will benefit from rising to your call to action.

8.4. After my presentation I want the audience to leave excited, to go home and look on twitter, Facebook, you tube, anywhere they find information trying to learn more about my game. I want the audience to be constantly refreshing for Dev updates and news about whats to come. They will benefit from my presentation by knowing they will get to experience a reality other their own.