Informational Texts

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Informational Texts by Mind Map: Informational Texts

1. Structure and Text Features

1.1. Sidebars: includes a reading that correlates with the ideas presented in the main reading

1.2. Glossary: a list of vocabulary words and their definitions. These are key vocabulary terms that correlate with important concepts.

1.3. Headings: establish the main ideas of the readings/paragraphs

1.4. Here is a comprehensive overview of text features: Informational Text Features | Supporting Readers Series l Dr. Kimberly's Literacy Blog

2. Key Ideas and Details

2.1. Finding the main idea: use key facts and key supporting details to establish main ideas

2.2. Supporting your understanding of the text: use supporting details from the text, exact quotes, to support your case of what the main idea is about

2.3. Establishing and explaining relationships between concepts/events/procedures: use implicit and explicit details from the text. Compare and contrast between the two relationships.

3. Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

3.1. Use illustrations and words from the reading to establish your understanding of the text: Reference back to the text and its illustrations to support your understanding of what the text is about and its main events.

3.2. Connections between sentences and paragraphs: How do specific sentences fit within their designated paragraphs?

3.3. Compare and contrast important points from two different informational texts about the same concept: identify and explain similarities and differences between the two texts and their key concepts.