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Fractions by Mind Map: Fractions

1. Step 4: Solve the problem and make sure to write the correct units.

2. Step 3: If needed, change unlike denominators to make them the same

3. Step 2: Figure out what you are solving.

4. Step 1: Read and understand the story problem.

5. Adding and Subtracting Fractions with unlike denominators

6. Step 2: Add the numerators Ex: 1/20+17/20+ 18/20

7. ------------------------------------- Lesson Title: Adding and subtracting fractions Lesson Duration: 1 week --------------------------------------

8. Step 1: Make sure the denominators are the same Ex: 1/20+17/20

9. Independent Practice: Khan academy online practice on adding and subtracting fractions for fifth graders.

10. Step 3: Simplify your answer in lowest terms by finding the gcf. Ex: 18/2= 9 20/2= 10

11. Adding and Subtracting fractions in story problems