EDEC392 28.8.19- 9.10.19 GOAL: To further develop our literacy and numeracy exper...

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EDEC392 28.8.19- 9.10.19 GOAL: To further develop our literacy and numeracy experiences & how we communicate these specific learning experiences with families and the wider community. by Mind Map: EDEC392 28.8.19- 9.10.19                 GOAL: To further develop our literacy and numeracy experiences & how we communicate these specific learning experiences with families and the wider community.

1. KEY NOTE= Let the children interests lead the learning. Experiences are structured with a balance of teacher directed and child lead experiences. Incorporate and integrate literacy and numeracy into the children's interests / not vice versa

2. Week#1/28-30.8.19

2.1. Day 1-3

2.1.1. TO DO: Discuss and collaborate plans, goals & objectives. Plan 5-6 children to observe/ get consent forms signed. Start observing, jottings, running reports, and taking pictures of children that have consent forms signed.

2.2. -Observed interests

2.2.1. D3) children love to draw and beginning to show interest in writing their name.

2.2.2. Dated pictures and hand written jottings to refer back too when need. Displaying the progression of interests, experiences and specific learning. writing names on art work, and or words correlating with the images they depict as they draw. Drawing and story telling amongst friends whilst drawing. Mostly drawing large animals & Dinosaurs. Tiger, Lions, Crocodiles exc. Threading beads & colours/ can link to categorising by colours, counting using one to one correspondence, quantifying and sequencing increasingly complex coloured patterns

2.3. -Discussed intentions

2.3.1. Discussed the need to translate the children's learning. Communicating their learning, especially around literacy and numeracy. visible and valued as meaningful. Addressing the families comments and queries about their child's 'school readiness program' Link to= Maslow theory "hierarchy of needs" Link to= Bronfenbrenner's theory "Ecological systems theory" Link to= oac's holistic approach and policies relating to inclusion and interactions with children. Link all to personal philosophy

2.4. -Planned goals

2.4.1. Personal organisation, focus on goal.

2.4.2. Children **FOCUS ON INTERACTIONS AND EXPECTATIONS** Ensure Literacy and Numeracy is a focus and is evident in our play based program

3. Week#2/10-13.9.19

3.1. Day 4-7

3.2. Observations

3.2.1. D5) childrens love of colour and beads

3.2.2. D4-7) writing names on active panel. Ability varies. Some can write name independently& others are learning by copying and or tracing over our name. xxxxx look at how to introduce topics/ refer to jottings Experience can be tailor to need and ability


3.3.1. counting, categorising, sequencing, quantifying. Start by sorting beads by colour and counting (using one by one correspondence)

3.3.2. name coins. Further reinforcing the children's ability to write and recognise their names. Specifically when they are wanting to write their names on their art work.

3.4. -Goals & Objectives

3.4.1. Further Involve the children in the planning, implementing Document and Display the children's voices in day book. Highlighting their ideas. Extending upon "what would you like to do today?" expanding this provocation to "who, how, when, what supplies will we need" Ensuring the children are becoming more involved in the PLANNING, IMPLEMENTING, EVALUATING AND REFLECTING UPON THEIR LEARNING. Helping them become responsible for their learning and increasingly involved in experiences meaningful to them. This process will help build their autonomy and instill a love for learning which will help them persevere when challenged.

3.4.2. xxx refer back to jottings/ tailor introduction of experiences/ ex: Seb.

4. Week#3/24-27.9.19

4.1. Day 8-11

4.2. Observations

4.2.1. Interest has lent towards treasure maps and pirates/ wrap and incorporate literacy and numeracy experiences into the children's interest in treasure hunts/ xxxx discuss with Dana and team possible idea's to extend the children's interest and growing understandings with pre-math and literacy skill development.


4.3.1. continue to write worlds for the children to copy and or trace over. Words that correlate with their drawings and or interests. Further developing their ability to write and recognise letters in print and by sound INCIDENTAL= Jet sky writer. Children recognised letters and showed me with excitement.

4.4. Goals & Objectives

4.4.1. continue on from last week & continue to follow the children's interests. complete wall displays, write final experience on Story park, make "words of the week display to track and show children's interest, these are words that the children request to write that corresponds with their art work

5. Week#4&5 1-9.10.19

5.1. Day 12-15

5.2. Final experience combining our focus on literacy and numeracy whilst following the children's interest.

5.2.1. Phonics Treasure map= follow first clue & "What grows out of the ground and starts with a "T-t / Tr-Tr sound" Tree children followed the clues with eases, they found boxes of beads and had to thread 2-5 coloured sequences, depending on their ability. They then drew the scene of our treasure hunt. This went for over 40 minutes and incorporated the children's interests, literacy and math concepts. It was a good example to share with parents. An example of wrapping the learning around the children's interest so as they are engaged and actively participating and it is meaningful and memorable.

5.2.2. Linked Australian first peoples use of symbols to help make the reinforce the use of writing, drawing and signs as a means to communicate our understanding's, ideas and experiences.