empowerment technology

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empowerment technology by Mind Map: empowerment technology

1. social media platforms- allow you to create not only personal accounts and also you can share content

2. blogging platforms- websites like wordpress,tumblr,and blogger focus on content and design

3. cloud computing- stumbled upon the term cluod to previous discussions

4. WYSIWYG is the acronomyn for what you see what you get.

5. header it is clicking the text that will allow you to edit the text and change its font size

6. settings it contains important information that you should.

7. website its allows to change your site and title former

8. web portals is a website that contains to information.

9. labels adds labels found on the tp of the card.

10. videos thourgh video hosting sites you can take a video and show its entire world

11. position arranges the osition of the card in relation to other cards.

12. members tags memebers on the card.

13. online tests online survey forms and tests automatically the results when finished.

14. podcasts series of audio or text files steamed

15. vodcasts show like video game and others.

16. courseware courses that simulate the classroom online

17. sed is a premium that maximizes the search engine optimization.

18. emai and domain management is a premium feature to used to manage email accounts for your website