Empowerment Technologies

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Empowerment Technologies by Mind Map: Empowerment Technologies

1. Basic Web Page Creation

2. Collaborative ICT Delopment

3. Interactive Multimedia

4. Online Platform for ICT Content Development

5. WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get.

6. It is an editor that allows you to create and design web pages without any coding knowledge.

7. You can also go to another page by simply clicking on the page link like you would normally when navigating through a website.

8. You can insert Youtube videos on your blog post by simply copying the code form the Embed tab in the Share menu.

9. Multimedia content could range form videos, sound, online browser- based games, online tests, courseware, podcasts, and vodcasts.

10. Modern websites as multimedia content to their site without sacrificing too much bandwidth.

11. Facebook groups, WordPress, Google Drive, and Microsoft can be use to communicate through the internet.

12. A web portal is a website that contains information from different sources and places them in one location in a uniform way.

13. Trello introduces boards where any member of the organizations or group can see the different tasks for a certain project.

14. Social media are hampered by low customization but are strengthened by their popularity.

15. Blogging platforms are not as popular but are highly customizable.

16. Cloud computing applications are those that do not need any installations and are readily available over the internet.

17. Social Media

18. Blogging

19. Cloud Computing


21. What is Basic Web Page Creation?

22. What else can we do?

23. What is Trello?

24. What are the Communications through the internet

25. Multimedia

26. Advantages

27. Disadvantages

28. Hacking

29. Addiction

30. Cyberbullying

31. Connectivity

32. Education

33. Awareness

34. Disadvantages

35. Concentration on Work

36. Easily find clients

37. Advantages

38. Increase blog revenue

39. You feel alone

40. No work while you are ill

41. Discipline

42. Disadvantages

43. Advantages

44. Easy implementation

45. Accessibility

46. No hardware required

47. No longer in control

48. May not get all the features

49. Bandwidth issues