Political Parties

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Political Parties by Mind Map: Political Parties

1. Single Issue Parties

1.1. Libertarian

1.2. Green Party

1.3. Form platform out of strong beliefs regarding one matter (i.e. libertarian, no government intervention)

2. Democrats

2.1. Liberalism

2.1.1. Favors governmental intervention and aims to move past status quo

3. Republican

3.1. Conservativism

3.1.1. Reducing Governmental expansion and sticking to status quo

4. Mass Media

4.1. Division

4.1.1. use information to separate bodies of belief

4.2. Public Influence

4.2.1. Selective showing of info such as gatekeeping and watchdogging

4.3. Socialization

4.3.1. inform population about political issues

4.4. Polling

4.4.1. numerically represent the feelings of a population