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1. How is it characterized?

1.1. Economic model

1.1.1. Accessible

1.1.2. Sustainable Maximum capacity Effcient

1.2. Field of disruptive innovation

1.2.1. darker reality

1.2.2. biggest great change in the American workspace

1.3. Three driving forces

1.4. Developing countries

1.5. Started centuries ago (agricultural areas)

1.6. Bypassing the intermediary

2. What challenges does this economic model face?

2.1. Challenges in globalization

2.1.1. Regulatory barriers

2.2. Barrier of trust

2.2.1. Provide complete transparency

2.2.2. Rating

2.3. Decentralization

3. Is this economic model a viable alternative to or significant alteration of capitalism?

3.1. Definition of capitalism

3.2. Different opinions

3.2.1. Viable alternative

3.2.2. Significant alteration

4. Can sharing economy go global?

4.1. verity of services and products provided is un- limited + they gain financial advantages

4.2. virtual markets

4.3. It can be seen that the sharing economy, an idealistic, promis- ing and dynamic concept may be easily transformed to a new wave of globalization

4.3.1. need for new regulations