Empowerment Technologies

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Empowerment Technologies by Mind Map: Empowerment Technologies

1. Online Platforms For ICT Content Devolopment

1.1. Social Media Platform

1.1.1. are computer-mediated tools that alow people

1.2. Worldpress

1.2.1. to make your blog's

1.3. Themes

1.3.1. To Filter out the paid themes.

1.4. Blogging Platforms

1.4.1. Is a discussion or informational Website published on the Web

1.5. Cloud Computing

1.5.1. Advantages: 1.no need to install 2. Saves Hard Disc space 3. Easy access to your software

1.5.2. Disadvantages: 1. Can be hampered down by slow internet speed 2. May still require compatible software like a Browser 3. You do not own the software you are simply renting it

2. Basic Web Page Creation


2.1.1. What you see is What you Get

2.2. HTML

2.2.1. hypertext Markup Langugae

2.3. CSS

2.3.1. Cascading style Sheets

2.4. JIMDO

2.4.1. jimdo is a website that about bussiness

2.5. Template

2.5.1. it"s a new document before you add any text

3. Interactive Multimedia

3.1. Embed

3.1.1. It is a sender in link you paste your link that you copy.

3.2. Online Test

3.2.1. Online survey forms and test that automatically display the results when finished.

3.3. Games

3.3.1. A game is to have and ang to learn something in the game na all games have a bad thinking to any gamnes

3.4. Video

3.4.1. Though video hosting sites you can take a video and show it to the entire world.

3.5. Sounds

3.5.1. If videos are too much for you. you can always record sounds.

3.6. Vodcats

3.6.1. An episodic series of video streamed online.

4. Collabonative ICT Development

4.1. Web portals

4.1.1. A web portal is a website that cintains information from different sources and places them in one location.

4.2. Facebook groups

4.2.1. Allows you to create a group page that will allow people in your group to communicate your idaes to the social media

4.3. G-Suite

4.3.1. Is a brand of cloud computing productivity and collaboration tool.

4.4. Trello

4.4.1. Offer an online to do checklist for your online team

4.5. Yammer

4.5.1. Offer companies to have their own social network that allows sharing and managing content